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Drive a range of improvements from both an operational and customer satisfaction perspective all through the improvement of access to information whether via a live agent or self-service avenue.

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Operators need access to usable data to successfully adopt and drive value from new activities such as advanced analytics, AI and automation.

Our solution leverages a flexible, cloud-based platform for integration which allows operators to automatically ingest, process and standardise a wide range of data sources into a single pool. AI can then be used to help within use cases such as the identification of common RAN issues, automated updates to customers, and the prediction of emerging network faults from end-user reported data. This is helping to drive fast improvements for operations and customer experience, as well as centralising and processing an increasing variety and volume of data sets for greater information governance and access.

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Dependency on the internet and voice services has increased exponentially making fast digital network status information for customer service channels crucial. Through the use of systems such as live service checkers, Metricell can work to implement a continuous feed of subscriber opinions relating to how well the network is performing. This includes problem reports, live status checks, and a range of other queries which may or may not be indicative of service disruption.

A live service checker not only helps unlock a new source of experience data, it also provides an autonomous and robust support channel to support 1st line customer network queries. This is especially useful in cases of nationwide network outages where affected customers are prone to flood contact centres with queries after failing to find live information on their provider's website.

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Live insight into network performance is essential for both customers looking for information about their service as well as for contact centre agents tasked with delivering an efficient resolution to inbound queries. Embracing digital channels which prioritise automation and self-service can bring fast value to a range of customer satisfaction and call centre KPIs for mobile and fixed networks, whether via live service checkers on an existing website or intuitive service software for contact centre personnel.

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Malaysian operator Celcom, has utilised our tools and systems to great effect in bringing a new level of digital transformation to their care offering. Using a combination of Metricell’s SmartAgents service software, and a Service Checker self-serve web portal, they are now enjoying a 50% reduction in network complaint escalations.

Celcom case study

“With data integration, transparency and automation at the heart of these initiatives, it’s excellent to be having one point of reference that is simple to use making us more efficient in handling customers that result in customer satisfaction as well as efficiency across our operations.”

- Inbound Contact Centre Operations

Thousands of contact centre professionals at EE use SmartAgents in conjunction with ServiceChecker for revolutionary improvements across crucial contact centre and customer experience metrics including benefits for NPS, Propensity to Call and First Contact Resolution.

EE Case Study

"The Metricell team has worked closely with our team at every step of the way… We congratulate them for their commitment, proactive approach and professional delivery."

- Director of RAN Development

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