Operational Assurance

The primary role of an in-building solution is to provide the actionable data you need to improve your connectivity needs. After all, 83% of businesses state that they need could not achieve their goals without a strong telecoms program.

Each in-building solution is custom-built to fit our diverse client base and offers an unbiased analysis of their network. We help investigate why calls cannot be made from the boardroom, why homeworkers struggle to access the corporate system and even why data drops from 4G to 3G in the cafeteria.

This can also expand to incorporate the Internet of Things. With millions of autonomous devices serving an ever-expanding population, identifying these issues will be an essential priority. After all, it is a serious concern for enterprise today and that feeling is set to rise. Our test and measurement devices analyse network aspects that include:

- Voice calls

- Download/Upload speeds

- Ping speeds

- 3G/4G coverage and strength

- Coverage ‘not-spots’

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