8th April 2020

The Importance of Network Status for a Locked Down Society

With a third of the global population living under lockdown-style measures, our dependency on our connection to the internet and voice services has increased exponentially. With people facing heavy restrictions on their movement, communication channels to keep in touch with friends, work, family via both mobile and fixed internet are more important than they’ve ever been.

Providers are facing growing pressure to deliver the level of service consumers expect and are performing admirably under such tough conditions. Nokia noted effects as the lockdown began to take hold of a 300% growth in teleconferencing apps and a 400% growth in gaming as people began to lean even more heavily on their devices for both work and entertainment.

There is no question that the connectivity we have available to us is one of the biggest factors in how we’ve been able to respond to and cope with the pandemic, from a personal, professional and national standpoint. As a result, people are rightfully more concerned about network status than at any point before.  

Any drop or even fluctuation in the service customers are expecting can lead to increased enquiries to contact centres who are facing the pressures on their operations as other businesses. Reduced work forces and higher levels of absences with people suffering from illness or caring for loved ones are understandably taking a heavy toll on the delivery of usual levels of customer service.

This time last year, digital customer service was important. Today it’s positively vital. Thankfully, there’s a quick and simple route to fast digital network status information for customer service channels and we want to provide it to you. To help both fixed line and mobile operators during this challenging period, we are offering a complementary version of our live Service Checker API for implementation into websites and mobile apps. This allows customers to query live network status, submit problem reports and register for automated updates all without needing to engage the contact centre.

With your support, we can help you implement this capability within a matter of weeks and it’s proven to bring fast improvements to both customer experience and operational performance. Many networks have already taken us up on our pledge to support operators during this time and we’re pleased to be doing our part to help keep the world Better Connected.

Email us here and we’ll send you a brief two-page overview to explain more about how Service Checker can help.

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