23rd May 2022

Network Performance: Unlocking the customer experience with digital self service

Mobile networks are pretty sophisticated at the best of times, and with the digital transformation age, 5G rollout, the recent pandemic and the adoption of the hybrid working model, the individual and business needs have become far more complex whilst keeping the need for better connectivity at the heart of their operations.

The problem operators face is expectation. Customers expect their network service to be performing at its best, no matter where they are or what services they might be using. If a mobile subscriber is experiencing bad connectivity, dropped calls or no network whatsoever, then they are going to need answers as to why this is happening and when it will be fixed. Now they could call straight into the support channels and join what could be a potentially long waiting queue to find out what is going on. But what if the user could simply go onto one of the operator’s digital channels such as their website, run a quick search on their postcode or location and receive an instant update from there?

Being able to self-serve your own network problems or report a network fault can drastically reduce the amount of network complaint escalations by up to 50%, meaning subscribers won’t have to join long contact centre queues to resolve their problems, allowing subscribers to gain valuable and instant information about the live status of 2/3/4/5G network in any given location, and contact centres can benefit from improved SLAs and KPIs such as FCR (First Contact Resolution).

Service Checker is the next step in the drive towards a truly digitised customer experience.

By Network operators recognising the need for a transformative change to the digital customer experience, they are not only helping improve the subscriber network, but also streamlining their own business processes, saving time and money within a resource-intensive area.

Metricell’s web-based interface, Service Checker is designed for operators to use on their website allowing customers to instantly access information about live network status in any location of interest. Users simply search for a postcode and are returned with network status in that location, including if there is a known issue, a recently fixed issue, an emerging issue or if the network is performing as expected.

This 24/7 search portal also allows subscribers to be kept updated on any future impact, and also disagree with the reported service status, alerting the operator to a possible problem they may not have been aware of prior, therefore helping to optimise the network for future stability and keeping their subscribers happy.

Service Checker is the next step in the drive towards a truly digitised customer experience.

Explore Service Checker today!

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