17th March 2021

Innovation in Customer Service Can Help MVNOs Stand Out in a Competitive Market

Innovation in Customer Service Can Help MVNOs Stand Out in a Competitive Market

The MVNO market is continuing to grow with recent predictions anticipating it reaching $89bn by 2025 as the number of mobile phone users continues to expand. In the UK for instance, there are a total of 77 active MVNOs who, when combined, enjoy 16% of the national mobile market. As the market grows, so does the competition, which is likely to leave many MVNOs assessing how they can attract and retain subscribers.

Innovation across pricing, products and bundles is understandably crucial to stand out from the competition but the provision of efficient customer service is a core component of a successful proposition as well as the MVNO’s wider brand reputation.

“Network connectivity is no longer a differentiator. The wholesale model with a thin layer of customer service is fading.” Deloitte, Flashpoint, Edition 10.

Live insight into network performance is essential for both customers looking for information about their service as well as for contact centre agents tasked with delivering an efficient resolution to inbound queries. Embracing digital channels which prioritise automation and self-service can bring fast value to a range of customer satisfaction and call centre KPIs whether via live service checkers on an MVNO’s website or intuitive service software for contact centre personnel.

“Get it right the first time. The importance of first call resolution (FCR) cannot be overstated. When customers need to make a second call about the same problem, MVNOs face a customer satisfaction cliff.” Fierce Wireless, Industry Voices.

These initiatives rely on centralising a range of key data, such as current maintenance and coverage information, into an interface designed to provide fast answers about localised network service. Our SmartAgents software is currently being utilised by several UK MVNOs as well as Tier One operators around the world to bring fast benefits to both customer satisfaction and operational metrics including MTTR, FCR and PTC.

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