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Our work spans numerous countries and continents. We use our intimate knowledge of the telecommunications industry to provide specialist expert witness, legal guidance and consultancy services.

With our knowledge of the telecoms industry, combined with our award-winning software and technology, we can help guide you through difficult industry issues which may require quantifying losses or clarifying contracts that contain technical concepts.

The Metricell consulting team and engineers have worked on many unique and challenging projects. These include providing expert advice and testimony in legal and other proceedings related to communications technologies and networks. Contact us today for a confidential discussion and a solution to your problem.

Expert Witness

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With unparalleled experience in the preparation and presentation of industry evidence, and our in-depth knowledge of telecommunications, we’re ready to support you in both arbitration and litigation proceedings.

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Instructed by leading international and domestic law firms.

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The telecoms sector is complex, but our knowledge and experience working with huge data sets and analysis, along with our ISO accreditations means that our testimonies are seen as credible. With over a decade’s worth of experience of this fast-moving industry you can trust that Metricell will guide you to confident and accurate resolutions.

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