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For over 14 years we have specialised in providing businesses with flexible, user-friendly web interfaces designed to maximise the value a range of departments can drive from their data. Whether managing a mobile network, or providing fast answers to customer queries, these solutions are designed to support your journey towards continued operational excellence.

Contact Centre Image

Contact Centre

From digital service channels you can implement on your website, to contact centre software in use by thousands of agents around the world, we can help you bring fast benefits to KPIs such as FCR and PTC.

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Network Visualisation

With a focus on powerful integration and flexibility, we can help equip you with powerful geospatial interfaces that can integrate any amount of data sources for a variety of analytical and reporting use cases.

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Collaborative working

With remote working on the rise, our software offers a range of collaborative features, such as live messaging and view sharing, to help teams across departments and countries work better together.

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Custom Mapping

Maps are essential to a variety of business and customer-facing interfaces but many are over-spending for what they need. Our flexible base maps can be styled and customisable to your exact use cases at a lower cost when compared to other map providers on the market.  

Case Studies

Visualisation for Success

Celcom Customer Care Image

Celcom Customer Care

Celcom Malaysia utilise our SmartAgents and Service Checker to reduce escalations by 50% and inbound calls to the contact centre by 60%.

O2 Network Visualisation Image

O2 Network Visualisation

Hundreds of network professionals at O2’s UK HQ use SmartNetwork daily to manage a range of network improvement projects and gain fast insight into network health and performance.  


We’re immensely pleased to be working with Metricell on a new initiative to help monitor and continually improve the service received by our customers. Thanks to the efficiency of Metricell’s Drive Test and In-Building monitoring solutions, we are able to rapidly gain a live picture in and around key corporate offices and understand where to optimise the network for the maximum improvement in service. A key advantage is how we are able to evolve and scale the testing with ease and gain real-world insight into common activities such as web browsing and call performance as well as using industry standard POLQA methodology to understand experience within CSFB, VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling

Alexander Tsivlin

MTS, Project Director

In these extraordinary times, connectivity is imperative for all customers. We must strive to provide the best service for each and every customer we have. Metricell have developed a visualisation tool that allows us to quickly and efficiently analyse customer queries that can be utilised by all. It’s simple to use and it’s packed with the necessary information that means we can treat the tool as a single pane of glass. As working from home is a reality of these current times the ability to flick between screens diminishes, having a single tool which we can use to carry out the majority of investigations makes life easier for all. Thank you to the whole Metricell team for their continued support.

Adam Munford

Telefónica UK Ltd, Radio Analysis Customer Enquiries

Placing such an advanced optimization tool in the hands of the consumer has never been done before in the Middle East.

Amr Alsaid

Value Added Service Director, Zain

We were able to understand for the first time where customers were having real coverage and service problems at home locations. We are looking at options to improve their home coverage now.

UK Service Manager

We only have limited deployment of probes on our network, so Aptus can give insight into network issues in locations which otherwise we would be clueless about.

Saudi RAN Engineer

Great work! We are making some real progress and the power of the data is beginning to become apparent with more and more people taking an interest in what we are doing.

Paul McCorquodale

Head of B2B Service Management, EE

We were able to identify different customer problem areas which were happening on cells which have congestion issues.

UK L3 Incident Manager

A bluechip corporate customer has long been complaining about call set-up problems. We asked him to mark a manual problem when he had these issues and I could see his mobile was camped on an unexpected cell, some distance away, and this cell has a problem history.

UK B2B Service Manager

This is exactly the type of innovation and collaboration we need to meet our long term goals.

Fraser Curley

CEO, Zain

Most of our network operations have now been out-sourced under a managed service agreement, and reporting of performance is done by the same vendors with whom we have an SLA to ensure performance standards. It’s like asking kids to mark their own homework!

South African Network Operations Manager

Our CDR tool only lets us look at the CDRs containing detailed network issues for the last 7 days. If we miss this window, then we have no insight into the problem the customer was experiencing. With MCC we can see months of historical data for that subscriber.

UK RAN Engineer

The Metricell team has worked closely with our team at every step of the way… We congratulate them for their commitment, proactive approach and professional delivery.

Mansoor Hanif

EE, Director of RAN Development

This will be a fantastic tool to promote to our customers that we genuinely do listen. It also provides a substantially quicker and more detailed fault log than logging generic faults with Customer Service. Great tool.

UK Incident Manager

We were able to confirm that there is no dominant serving cell in a headquarters area which is causing customer problems.

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