The Mobile Network Service Revolution

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Did you know that the majority of calls coming into an operator’s call centre are down to service issues that the subscriber is experiencing? With time-to-resolution a huge factor in a customer’s perception of effective service provision, the current failings to address subscriber issues effectively is costing an estimated £1.6 billion in lost revenues for UK operators alone…

These issues cover a wide range of poor experience, with the most-cited reasons including loss of coverage, dropped calls and slow data connections. UK financial advisory website, MoneyWise, recently highlighted poor network signal as a particular point of irritation for subscribers who feel let down that their contract isn’t delivering what they thought was guaranteed. Operators and businesses across a variety of industries are increasingly finding that communicating anything aside from the truth when it comes to service-affecting issues are risking both customer trust and the subsequent likelihood of long-term customer retention.


Metricell research shows that the most common root cause is a network fault or maintenance work. In fact, over half of customer complaints can be attributed to a localised issue that the Operations team already know about. This raises the obvious question: if the issue is already known, why wait for the customer to complain? That’s what many operators around the world are now focusing on…and achieving a competitive advantage through transparency about the service they actually deliver, rather than just relying on much-maligned coverage predictions.

Metricell’s Service Checker is an online portal for subscribers to gain fast insight into the current service status for any area they want to monitor. Via this interface, subscribers can search for the current service in any location they are interested in and add those locations to a list of areas they want to monitor. This helps turn reactive care to proactive care as customers can be informed of any issues in their chosen locations as soon as they happen: saving both their time and that of your customer support channels.

The majority of mobile networks already provide a coverage checker of some sort, often based on radio planning predictions instead of more robust network status algorithms. A Service Checker solution is a natural evolution of this, combining a wider range of data feeds and logic with an API or IFrame integration approach to maximise the ease of deployment.

A huge advantage of this is that searches and any disputed results from subscriber’s checks are uploaded directly to the centralised platform. This allows teams from across the business to more dynamically investigate and target any problems with the network. For the operator, self care solutions such as Service Checker not only help to relieve some of the stress on the call centre, but also help to provide an avenue for care which subscribers prefer.

The technology and overall aim of this technology isn’t the preserve of operators alone. Regulators are also looking to service checker solutions in order to map out current service provision across their territory. This can help them to understand how well operators are performing in regards to goals such as service/coverage targets and take any subsequent action as a result.

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