Test Cloud

Improve your background testing capabilities with our fully hosted and managed Test Cloud platform, ensuring your data is reliable, fast and secure.

Test Cloud is a fully hosted and managed environment for performing network testing, and is both cost effective and scalable with high availability and no long-term commitments. Testing includes Metricell’s Test & Measurement and Crowdsourcing products but also other projects including benchmarking campaigns or drive testing.

This will allow you to increase the volume of testing you are conducting without the need for a new dedicated test environment; measure new Customer Experience KPIs based on the Aptus Data Experience Test; and flexibly run new test campaigns without needing to set up new infrastructure.

Test Cloud is proven to provide faster results than traditional speed test platforms.

Test Cloud

Speed Test (Download, Upload, Ping, Jitter), Video, and Data Experience Tests

Note: Test Cloud can also be used for non-Metricell products including your existing benchmarking or drive testing campaigns

Real Time Data Icon

100% Uptime

The solution is fully redundant with no single point of failure, guaranteeing 100% uptime.

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Unbiased Results

Using consistent, reliable data centres allows you to achieve unbiased benchmarking performance results.

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The volume of data tests conducted using Test Cloud can be increased or decreased at your request to match demand.

Consistent and Accurate Icon

Consistent & Accurate

The Test Cloud solution will provide you with consistent and accurate test results every time you need it.

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Range of Tests

You can perform a range of tests using these servers, not just speed tests. This includes the new Data Experience Tests.

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A Reliable Solution

Test Cloud eliminates the reliability issues commonly experienced with ‘open source’ test servers.

Fully Serviced Hosted Environment

Test Cloud is a fully managed service by Metricell, we will be responsible for managing the tests including all monitoring - leading to fast detection and resolution in the event of a problem. Get in touch to get started!

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