"Metricell" in these terms means Metricell Limited, registration number 6052274, with registered offices at Metricell Limited, 26 Foundry Lane, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5PX.

1. Using the App

1.1. This App is compatible with Android version 4.4 and above.

1.2. Metricell is a data controller and data processor (terms outlined in GDPR). This means we determine the purposes and means of processing your personal data. If you are downloading or using this App, the following terms will automatically apply to you. By downloading and installing this mobile App, you confirm to the below terms and conditions.

1.3. This version includes optional mapping functionality and is for network operator internal trial use only. The App is free to use, but using it requires a data connection. The App will regularly transmit network performance information to Metricell Limited and 3rd party partners and mobile operator customers.

1.4. The App will use mobile data services (from 10MB, up to 120MB per additional speed test if used). This usage will come off your usual data bundle (or be charged at your standard out-of- bundle rate if you have run out of bundled data). You can change the App settings to use Wi-Fi only for data. Metricell may require you to upgrade to the latest version for continued access and reserve the right to withdraw use of the App at any time.

1.5. Access of the App in no way constitutes a transfer of intellectual property ownership and the user licence can be withdrawn at any time at Metricell’s discretion.

2. Data Collected and How It is Utilised

2.1. The App collects data which will be used by Metricell and our mobile operator customers to help diagnose any problems with their network (e.g. performance related to coverage, data speeds etc). Depending on the enabled in-App features, data captured includes:

Data Category

Typical Use

Device Characteristics

Device Make and model, Battery Status, Telephony Details

Device Characteristics are captured to assist in the profiling of customer experience based on captured network parameters.

Geolocation Information

Device Location

Geolocation information (including background location) is captured to assist in the identification of problem coverage plots.

For the StayAtHome application the background location is information is also used to determine the User Score and Leaderboards functionality within the application.

Network Connection Details

Connected Site/Cell, Signal Level

Network Connection Details are captured to understand specific context of the network on user experience.

2.2. The App records your network experience (e.g. are you using 4G for data? Is your phone dropping calls?). The App will also collect additional information about data usage on your phone, including the amount of data being used on different data sessions. Please be aware that the App does not log which websites you visit, or any specific content you access through any 3rd party App on your phone.

2.3. Metricell reserve the right to use this data, after it has been anonymised, for our own sales, reporting and marketing purposes.

3. Data Access and Security Basics

3.1. This information sent by the App is encrypted using secure HTTP protocols as it travels over the network and once received by the hosted server is securely stored and processed. Data may be stored within Metricell’s UK data centre or a secure 3rd party environment. All data is only stored to an extent necessary for Metricell to fulfil its obligations to the customer network operator, regulator or our own internal sales and marketing practices.

3.2. Metricell take the appropriate measures to protect the personal data collected through the App against loss, theft, destruction, damage and unauthorised processing or access. Metricell cannot guarantee that there will not be a breach, and are not responsible for a breach of security or the actions of third parties. This does not apply to data held or processed which cannot be linked to an individual.
3.3. Notwithstanding the above, no warranty or undertaking is given as to the security of information that is collected and transmitted by the App. It is used entirely at your own risk.

3.4. Controllers of your personal data, including Metricell and our mobile operator customers, will process your personal data in accordance with the relevant privacy policies. The information collected by the App will only ever be used by Metricell in anonymised & aggregated form, unless you instruct Metricell to use your identifiable information.

3.5. All data collected through the App is owned by Metricell. Metricell take all reasonable measures to ensure we only collect as much data as we need, and store if for as long as it is needed.

3.6. Access requests for your personal data held by Metricell should be directed to the network operator who will procure the data from Metricell on your behalf.

4. Further Terms of Using the App

4.1. As you are using the App, Metricell or the network operator may from time to time require you to provide feedback on your experience of using the App. By using the App, you agree to participate in any such requests.

4.2. The network operator is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused by anyone using or downloading the App. All trademarks, copyright, and other forms of intellectual property in the App belong to either Metricell or the network operator as appropriate.

4.3. You cannot copy the App, change it, take it apart, or use it for any reason other than as set out here. The user cannot interfere with security-related features of the App. It is for yourpersonal use only and you can’t sell it or charge others for using it. You have no right to access the software in source code or in unlocked coding or any other way.

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