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Network intelligence and insight needn't be complicated or expensive. When it is, its value goes down. Modern cloud-based IT systems enable your business to understand the live status across your large and varied network. Too many legacy approaches to network visualisation have relied on costly and specialised equipment to gather network data, load it into intermediate hardware or staging areas before ending its journey in a specific department. These barriers to insight are a driving force behind our geospatial SmartNetwork tool, currently in use by operators around the world to gain faster and more accurate insight into both network performance and customer experience.

By utilising powerful cloud-based integration of various data sources (such as live site locations and key cell configuration details, coverage service areas and expected signal levels, transmission details, site maintenance, trouble tickets, cell performance and others) we provide pre-processed, instant visualisation across massive data sets to deliver intuitive interaction for the user. The resulting interface, built in HTML5 and compatible across multiple browsers and devices, is designed for ease of use and provides a centralized platform for the visualisation of the data inputs flowing into it. These inputs are presented as layers of information the user can implement on the map with detailed reporting features available for each layer.

SmartNetwork can bring value to teams across an operator's business including those involved in:

  • Planning and Optimisation - Enhances proactive planning and maintenance capabilities for key locations
  • Test and Measurement - Continual 24-7 automatic reporting of live network performance from customer smartphones
  • Operations and Maintenance - Faster reactions to concentrated local problems, trouble tickets and other issues
  • Outsource MSP Vendors - A shared view across the network, for visualisation of all operational and performance data. Status tracking ensures that optimum results are continually delivered across the live network. 

Key Features Include:

  • Powerful Data Visualisation - Granular view of network and infrastructure components. Heatmaps help aggregate any current issues for stronger identification and response
  • Powerful Search Abilities - Through country postcodes or area polygons
  • Predictive, Proactive Capabilities - Aggregate performance and experience summaries for enhanced network insight and customer care processes
  • Integrated, Cross Department Data Integration - from radio to transmission, operations to live network customer support
  • Extensive GIS features - full internet mapping including OSM, transport, clutter, satellite and street-view mapping.

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