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Gathering and presenting the required data to confidently answer questions such as these can be a challenging task. Not only does the data need to be captured and processed quickly to maximise its representativeness, it needs correlation with other data sets from across the enterprise to be able to report accurately and within a wider operational context.

Whilst a range of reporting options exist for producing these reports, (whether bespoke software or the trusty MS Office suite), it takes a lot of time for an individual to produce the report as well as ensure it has enough data within it for the findings to be actionable in regards to the wider company. This time-consuming approach magnifies when it comes to digging through too much irrelevant data in order to find the information you need. SmartBoards looks to address these issues through cloud-based integration processes to help you capture and process a huge level of inter-departmental information (anything from OSS KPIs to Site Data) to help you quickly answer the most pressing questions on the mind of your business.

This approach boosts the ability for people to quickly identify actionable data points to fuel their activities and can be used by a range of personnel with planning and resource management responsibilities. Thanks to the range of data that can feed the tool, it can provide powerful insight and reporting capabilities for management personnel from a single, customisable dashboard.

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