A New Approach to Customer Care

Metricell’s SmartAgents utilises our approach of centralising operator data to build a toolset capable of boosting analysis across every aspect of the customer care function. We’ve looked to aggregate the most desired capabilities for customer care into a tailored support platform. The SmartAgents platform is user-friendly, powerful and designed for use by anyone in a customer-facing role from 1st and 2nd line support agents to retail store workers. 

With traditional call centre routes becoming increasingly unpopular and expensive to maintain, operators are looking for methods which shift the focus from traditional service KPIs, (such as MTTR, PTC and FCR), to an approach which centres more on analysing and preserving the customer network experience.

With the ability to switch providers faster than ever before, the competition to reduce customer churn is set to become an increasingly pressing issue for telco operators. By providing self care solutions for customers to gain insight and communication on any issues affecting locations close to them, their propensity to call in with any issues becomes lower and they gain a faster, simpler route to query resolution.

Key Features Include: 

  • Status and network checking - Ensure customers have true coverage and network status details using simple, automated processes. Also, with customers reporting service issues in real time via a simple interface, it becomes possible to move from less accurate coverage maps, to current, ‘true-to-life’ experience maps which allow for more accurate, real time issue diagnosis and predictive subscriber impacts. Also serves to automate the call centre process by updating the customer throughout the full cycle of their query resolution.
  • Corporate customer care - Gain a window into the experience of your high-value customers and proactively diagnose and manage any issues (or potential issues) to safeguard service and aggregate related KPIs for the management of specific groups.
  • Full integration with third party CRM/incident management tools with customisation capabilities  to assign user access levels to suit the various hierarchies of your care function.
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