How Do Our SmartTools Help You?


The ultimate goal of the SmartTools suite can be summed up in a single word: Centralisation. With a greater degree of centralisation boosting cross-departmental access to information, a wider range of teams can make use of it to promote the efficiency and success of their roles, ultimately helping you to drive more value from your data. With our cloud-powered toolset offering intelligent processing of integrated business data sets, more departments can take faster commercial advantage of the information.

Our SmartTools suite is composed of four distinct tools designed to help with a range of use cases across customer care, engineering, network planning, optimisation and management reporting.

SmartNetwork is our flagship network visualisation tool used for a range of planning and optimisation use cases. SmartAgents is designed to put the information needed to answer common customer queries (such as network faults, handset capabilities and coverage information) at the fingertips of the care agents who need it. SmartBoards contain a range of fully customisable real-time dashboards to help managers and analysts avoid manual data aggregation and answer key questions about geographically-segmented network performance faster. SmartRAN is our tool for engineers which utilises and integrates a huge amount of data to automatically identify and recommend diagnosis for a range of common faults such as crossed feeders, VoLTE problem calls and more. Find more information about our individual SmartTools below and let us know where we can send your complimentary brochure.



Network intelligence and insight needn’t be complicated or expensive. When it is, its value goes down. Modern cloud-based IT systems enable your business to understand the live status across your large and varied network. Too many legacy approaches to network visualisation have relied on costly and specialised equipment to gather network data, load it into intermediate hardware or staging areas before ending its journey in a specific department. These barriers to insight are a driving force behind our geospatial SmartNetwork tool, currently in use by operators around the world to gain faster and more accurate insight into both network performance and customer experience.

By utilising powerful cloud-based integration of various data sources (such as live site locations and key cell configuration details, coverage service areas and expected signal levels, transmission details, site maintenance, trouble tickets, cell performance and others) we provide pre-processed, instant visualisation across massive data sets to deliver intuitive interaction for the user. The resulting interface, built in HTML5 and compatible across multiple browsers and devices, is designed for ease of use and provides a centralised platform for the visualisation of the data inputs flowing into it. These inputs are presented as layers of information the user can implement on the map with detailed reporting features available for each layer.

SmartNetwork can bring value to teams across an operator’s business including those involved in:

  • Planning and Optimisation – Enhances proactive planning and maintenance capabilities for key locations
  • Test and Measurement – Continual 24-7 automatic reporting of live network performance from customer smartphones
  • Operations and Maintenance – Faster reactions to concentrated local problems, trouble tickets and other issues
  • Outsource MSP Vendors – A shared view across the network, for visualisation of all operational and performance data. Status tracking ensures that optimum results are continually delivered across the live network.
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Metricell’s SmartAgents utilises our approach of centralising operator data to build a toolset capable of boosting analysis across every aspect of the customer care function. We’ve looked to aggregate the most desired capabilities for customer care into a tailored support platform. The SmartAgents platform is user-friendly, powerful and designed for use by anyone in a customer-facing role from 1st and 2nd line support agents to retail store workers.

With traditional call centre routes becoming increasingly unpopular and expensive to maintain, operators are looking for methods which shift the focus from traditional service KPIs, (such as MTTR, PTC and FCR), to an approach which centres more on analysing and preserving the customer network experience.

With the ability to switch providers faster than ever before, the competition to reduce customer churn is set to become an increasingly pressing issue for telco operators. By providing self care solutions for customers to gain insight and communication on any issues affecting locations close to them, their propensity to call in with any issues becomes lower and they gain a faster, simpler route to query resolution. Use the form below to receive more information on SmartAgents.



Gathering and presenting the required data to confidently answer key business questions can be a challenge. Not only does the data need to be captured and processed quickly to maximise its representativeness, it needs correlation with other data sets from across the enterprise to be able to report accurately and within a wider operational context. This time-consuming approach magnifies when it comes to digging through too much irrelevant data in order to find the information you need.

SmartBoards looks to address these issues through cloud-based integration processes to help you capture and process a huge level of inter-departmental information (anything from OSS KPIs to Site Data) to help you quickly answer the most pressing questions on the mind of your business. They include customisable visualisation capabilities for analysing recent network impacts, coverage, capacity and traffic growth, service availability, user experience KPIs, top ten crossed feeder locations, and much more. Our approach boosts abilities for people to quickly identify actionable data points to fuel their activities and can be used by a range of personnel with planning and resource management responsibilities.

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real-time dashboard

In our experience working with telco engineers across the world, several key themes have consistently come up as barriers standing in the way of more efficient radio planning and optimisation. Drive testing fails to provide value for money, pace of RAN change is impossible to keep up with and prioritising engineering workload becomes more difficult as a result. Metricell’s SmartRAN takes aim at these issues by joining up datasets which have traditionally been silo’d within their departments and presenting them through an engineer-friendly interface.

By taking this information, such as service management, site/cell feeds and drive testing data, before aggregating it through our cloud-based approach, we can help to make data more actionable for those who need it. This assists the fast identification of network issues such as crossed sectors, missing neighbours and coverage ‘not-spots.’

Consider the automated, ‘behind the scenes’ correlation of data from Metricell’s mobile quality agents with network configuration, parameter and coverage data.  By comparing geo-located field data with the network configuration data sets, our Smart algorithms can automatically determine:

  • Cells which appear to have crossed feeders
  • Cells with overshooting coverage causing interference and reduced capacity
  • Missing or unnecessary neighbour relationships
  • ‘Sleeping’ or underperforming Cells.

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