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The mobile network world is constantly evolving, and innovation is required to stay on top of the market. Our crowdsourcing and assurance solutions can help you understand where your subscriber base is experiencing issues, and drills downright to the root of the problem.

Network Operators

Since 2007, Metricell has worked with  operators at the forefront of mobile technology within planning, optimisation and CEM requirements. Our solutions serve to break down the barriers of insight into subscriber-centric network performance, and empower everyone from customer service agents to network optimisation specialists to gain fast, detailed and real-time information about their networks.

For those managing infrastructure, such as fixed line and mobile operators,  we can provide key capabilities and analysis covering visualisation, live service information for both service agents and customers, crowdsourced experience information and targeted marketing opportunities. MVNOs can also benefit from solutions such as digital customer care and crowdsourced insight to help more efficiently serve and understand their customers, reduce demand on their support channels and ensure their host operators are providing the level of service agreed within contracts and SLAs.

Network Insight and Visualisation

With network operator's infrastructure growing in size, diversity and complexity, there is a crucial need to be able to understand exactly where subscriber experience is at its best or its worst. Getting the data needed to paint this picture is where the real challenge begins. In our experience, internal requests for network intelligence can take weeks, if not months to fulfil, meaning real-time insight into the current state of networks becomes increasingly difficult to achieve.

Our SmartNetwork GIS leverages our data integration platform to centralise all required data, such as OSSKPIs, fault, operations and maintenance, before making it available via a web-based visualisation tool which manages all manipulation and reporting needs. Today, teams involved in everything from Service Management to Operations and Engineering are using our Smart Network to visualise OSS and drive test data, coverage rasters, transmission information, live trouble tickets, usage statistics and customer experience KQIs.

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Test, Measurement & Assurance

To understand true Quality of Service (QoS), network operators are moving away from relying solely on site statistics and are instead placing an emphasis on continuous customer and location-centric monitoring. Our approach to test and measurement places cost-efficient and user-friendly tools into the hands of drive testers, optimisation specialists and engineers to help them start improving their networks in a way that directly benefits subscriber experience. Our solutions enable the creation of a new stream of detailed, subscriber-centric data to start enriching the knowledge landscape of a network operator's business.
• Service monitoring for public events and spaces.
• Detailed testing across transport routes and civic services.
• Nationwide benchmarking projects across service, voice quality, video streaming, and other subscriber-experience metrics.

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Digital Customer Service

Our SmartAgents digital customer service tool suite helps to create a powerful managed dialog with subscribers and is proven to deliver rapid improvements to KPIs such as First Call Resolution and Average Waiting Time. The software centralises a range of information designed to rapidly close a range of common customer queries regarding network experience. Agents input the contact's location into the interface and can instantly see the network environment around the caller including 2/3/4/5G coverage, live service, any works/maintenance going on in that area, and also nearby retail stores to which they can direct subscribers.

Metricell’s Service Checker API integrates seamlessly into a network operators existing digital customer service channels and allows your subscribers to check location-based network status including new or on-going issues. The system utilises robotic process automation to allow subscribers to enter into automated dialogue in relation to resolution times on raised complaints or issues at stored favourite places.


“With data integration, transparency and automation at the heart of these initiatives, it’s excellent to be having one point of reference that is simple to use making us more efficient in handling customers that result in customer satisfaction as well as efficiency across our operations.”

Inbound Contact Centre Operations

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Thousands of contact centre professionals use SmartAgents in conjunction with ServiceChecker for revolutionary improvements across crucial contact centre and customer experience metrics including benefits for NPS, Propensity to Call and First Contact Resolution.

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One of Saudi Arabia’s largest mobile operators use SmartAgents to quickly resolve customer queries through the integration of a range of network data into a single interface. This is helping improve customer care and satisfaction immensely by providing fast answers to network queries.

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Crowd Intelligence

Network operators need to continually understand and improve their offering from a subscriber experience point of view. Our technology can turn any mobile application into a crowdsourcing device which will invisibly upload a wide range of anonymous experience data directly to the cloud. This has helped our operator customers build large-scale and highly-detailed experience maps across their geographies and minimise resource-intensive testing practices such as drive testing.

Our Aptus capability is simple to integrate into the apps of network operators and will automatically transmit anonymous experience information straight to the cloud. This serves to instantly leverage an existing application's userbase.
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Automatic capture of real-time key performance measurements such as dropped calls, no service, no data and more.

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Instant verification of your coverage predictions and the automated  identification of common engineering problems such as crossed feeders.


Detailed understanding of subscriber behaviour and habits including popular and best performing handset.

Tower Companies

In recent years the role of the tower company has become integral to successful expansion. Where tower companies decide to place their infrastructure has a direct effect on the level of its success for network operators. Our experience in the large scale analysis of network performance can help to gain the information required to visualise coverage not spots, and pinpoint the exact locations where new towers can drive the greatest possible value.

By integrating a wealth of data and correlating it with our intelligent algorithms we can automatically identify a range of common issues, such as coverage not spots, which tower companies can use to justify the installation and locations of new sites to network operators. Our AutoMobile drive test units and site surveying application can be used to assess both new and existing sites at great detail with automatic identification of coverage, as well as common optimisation issues such as crossed feeders and coverage not spots.

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The mobile network world is constantly evolving, and innovation is required to stay on top of the market. Our crowdsourcing and assurance solutions can help you understand where your subscriber base is experiencing issues, and drills downright to the root of the problem.

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