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01/April 2022

EE Renewal

This month EE have renewed with Metricell for another year. This renewal covers Support and Hosting for NEST as well as renewing their NetLogger Managed Service.

NEST is a customer experience management platform, used by over 3,000 call centre agents as well as millions of customers through the website. It collates a number of data feeds to provide live network status information and allows users to self-serve network information while empowering agents with the data they need to handle calls as efficiently as possible.

NetLogger crowdsources mobile network information from users of the MyEE application to provide measured coverage information into SmartTools. Recently, we have included Data Experience Testing and Speed Testing to the NetLogger programme, and we look forward to seeing how we can continue to develop this over the next year.

09/Feb 2022

Metricell Are Awarded New Digital Asset Management Platform Pilot

Metricell are pleased to have been selected for the Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA) project, a government initiative which allowed local authorities to bid for funding to develop and implement digital asset management solutions, with the goal to open up public assets for rollout of advanced wireless networks. Metricell have been selected by West Sussex County Council to work as the software provider for their OpenAsset Loc8tor project.

Click here to read the full press release.

31/Jan 2022

Sky Beacons and SmartTools Renewal

This month we received a renewal from Sky for their Test, Measurement, and Assurance platform. Sky are using Beacons to monitor network performance of their corporate network provider at several of their campuses across the UK. We look forward to continuing to work with Sky over the next year and hope to continue expanding their fleet of Beacons.

19/May 2021

Metricell are pleased to announce a new partnership with Canadian ICT solutions provider, COMsolve

COMsolve and Metricell will work to expand their current footprint and customer base in Canada, targeting network operators, businesses wanting to measure their own connectivity and key government stakeholder organizations.

The solution is based on Metricell’s award winning, web-based SmartTools Platform. SmartTools is a single repository for all network and customer data sources and provides an unparalleled network intelligence experience for our users by eliminating the need to jump between multiple software platforms to access numerous data sets.

Click here to read the full press release.

05/Feb 2021

Russian Operator MTS Extends Test & Measurement Solutions for Key Corporate Customers

Serving over 80 million mobile subscribers across Russia, Armenia and Belarus, Russian operator, MTS, has extended the use of Metricell’s Test and Measurement capabilities for proactive care of their key B2B customers. AutoMobile drive testing units and Beacon fixed location monitors have been deployed to investigate problems and provide service assurance for key customers within the Agricultural, Finance and Entertainment sectors. Moving forwards, these systems will be assessed to identify how they may be able to assist across a further range of initiatives and use cases for the business.

07/Jan 2021

Benchmarking and The Building of A National View of Mobile Experience

Building on our experience with nationwide testing and benchmarking projects, we’re proud to be a part of Smartphone magazine’s recent benchmarking project across Germany. Working alongside Dalmus Consulting, we provided our AutoMobile drive test units to evaluate the country’s three largest mobile network operators.

Click here to read the full story.

30/APR 2020

TNM Malawi Adopts Metricell’s Crowdsourcing Technology

TNM is one of Malawi’s largest operators and has been the first to bring a range of pioneering services to the market including 3G services for video calling and music streaming. As part of their commitment to continually improve the experience of their customers, TMN will look to update their TNM Smart App with Metricell’s crowdsourcing capabilities.

“We’re proud to be working with TNM on this exciting new initiative which marks a first for Metricell in the region. Our crowdsourcing technology is helping operators around the world learn more about network performance as well as how best to optimise the network in-line with the ever-evolving demands of the subscriber base.” Mohamed Alami – EMEA Manager Metricell Ltd.

29/APR 2020

Metricell wins Service Assurance contract with MTS Russia.

MTS is the #1 mobile network operator in Russia, Armenia and Belarus with the biggest subscriber base - over 86.7 million subscribers. As of 2017, MTS had the largest market share of 31% in Russia.

The new order from MTS Russia includes Metricell TMA Devices and cloud based software for fully automated Service Quality Assurance relying on on-device customer metrics.

With this news, Metricell now serve 3 out of the Big 4 national operators in the RUCIS region.

13/JAN 2020

Sky UK Adopts Metricell’s Service Assurance Technology at Their Corporate HQ

Wanting to get a better understanding of the real-time telecommunications service provided to their Isleworth HQ, Sky have decided to deploy Metricell’s Enterprise Service Assurance offering.

The technology will help the stakeholders in charge of building service provision continually improve their infrastructure across their national HQ in Isleworth. Their campus is home to over 5,000 Sky employees as well as their 37,700 square metre office where they will now have direct access to a range of mission-critical network KPIs.

Based on Metricell’s Beacon technology, the real-time monitoring devices will be replicating typical user behaviour, such as making voice calls, uploading and downloading data. All results will be accessible via Metricell’s UK hosted SmartTools platform and for the first time, provide Sky with insights into voice, coverage and data experience that their employees rely upon day-in-day-out.

18/DEC 2019

Celcom go live with their new network service checker!

Celcom have launched their Network Service Checker onto their Live website today, representing the first such deployment in the Malaysian market. Utilising Metricell’s award winning technology, Celcom aim to become more transparent with their customers by allowing them to query the network status at locations important to them.

The launch of Service Checker compliments Celcom’s recent release of their SmartAgents deployment, utilising network information across multiple touch points to better serve their customers both in the contact centre and online.

14/MAY 2019

Digicel Haiti Marks Four Years with Metricell

Digicel have been long term users of our AutoMobile and SmartTools products, primarily with the goal of nationwide benchmarking against their competitors, as well as identifying new areas where the network requires further optimisation. The coming year will see them will look to further leverage the Layer 3 collection capabilities of our drive test units. To learn more about Metricell and Digicel Haiti, get in touch with us for a copy of our recent case study

24/APR 2019

New Crowdsourcing Project with Nextel Brazil

Metricell have completed a new project with Brazilian network operator, Nextel, to enhance their “MyNextel” account management application with new crowdsourcing functionality. This lightweight and invisible addition to the application now means that over a million app users can help Nextel gain greater insight into network performance across Brazil through the collection of anonymous usage and performance data uploaded directly from the customer’s devices.

To maximise the business value of this new data, Nextel will use Metricell’s web-based SmartTools visualisation software which presents the experience information within views such as popular app performance to help place subscriber experience within a network context. This allows a variety of departments, from engineers to customer care teams, see localised and subscriber-centric information on performance across their territory such as areas of no service, low throughput zones, locations with low signal strength, demographics of high Wi-Fi use, and more. These capabilities will assist Nextel in their mission to provide an ever-increasing level of service quality for their customers through the identification of key priorities for network investment and optimisation.

16/FEB 2019

Benchmarking in Algeria with Ooredoo

Our MEA Manager, Mohamed Alami, has been hard at work with members of our HQ and local partner, Rachid Bradai of partner agency Alissar, to deliver an ambitious benchmarking project in Algeria. The aim of this initiative is to assess Ooredoo’s network in relation to their key competitors, Mobilis and Djezzy, to see how the subscriber’s experience can be improved.

There are currently 15 devices testing within this initiative which is set to rise to 105 as the project progresses. These devices will maintain a key focus on the collection of Layer 1/3, POLQA and OTT data to ensure the most customer-centric tests that they can. The data is accessible via a custom-built dashboard in Ooredoo’s SmartTools project as well as bespoke reporting produced by our Consulting division.

15/DEC 2018

FutureZone Annual Benchmarking with AutoMobile

For the sixth year in a row, Austrian technology body, FutureZone, have conducted a full drive test of the country’s top network operators. This involved Metricell’s AutoMobile technology being used across 14,000km of road and rail to record over one million measurement points. The conclusion of the project saw operator A1 emerge on top with the best upload and download speeds. Thanks to our long-time partner, Jurgen Dalmus, who worked with a number of people at the Big blue to make the project a success. Read the full report from FutureZone here.

29/NOV 2018

Metricell and telent to Work Together on UK ESN Project

The win will see telent partner with Metricell to deliver the ESN Assure service and follows an announcement from the Home Office in September for a ‘new strategic direction’ for ESN. It aims to save £200 million in public money per year by fully replacing the current radio-based network with a mobile 4G network. The new approach will mean emergency service users including police, fire and ambulance services can use data services over the network from as early as next year, with voice capabilities following soon after. The move aims to transform the emergency services way of working, especially in remote areas and at critical times when faced with network congestion, giving them priority over commercial users. The project will involve both walk and drive testing of this new network along with all required training and reporting. Read full release.

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