Network Intelligence

What do we mean by Network Intelligence?


With networks growing in size, age and complexity, there is a crucial need to be able to understand how they’re performing and exactly where subscriber experience is at either its best or its worst. But getting the data needed to paint this picture is where the real challenge begins. All departments suffer from a lack of information sharing which restricts the flow of crucial network data to those who need it. In our experience, internal requests for network intelligence can take weeks if not months to fulfil, meaning real-time insight into the current state of networks becomes increasingly difficult to achieve.

SmartNetwork looks to address this need by centralising and processing all required data, such as OSS KPIs, fault, operations and maintenance, before making it available in a web-based visualisation tool which manages all manipulation and reporting needs. Today, teams involved in everything from Service Management to Operations and Engineering are using our Network Intelligence technology to visualise OSS and drive test data, coverage rasters, transmission information, live trouble tickets, usage statistics and customer experience KQIs to rapidly gain the insight and justification they need to more proactively pursue their strategic goals. If you’d like some more information or to book a demonstration of our SmartNetwork tool, let us know below.

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Management Information Systems


With the influx of data flowing into the operator’s business, managers are faced with the increasingly difficult task of centralising enough data in order to efficiently report across their business lines and asset portfolios. When it comes to making strategic investment decisions, you need to have a wealth of data at your disposal to robustly identify positive routes forward as well as report on the success of your activities and operations. We can help to integrate data from across an operator’s business before making it available through intuitive and user friendly web software. Whether you’re needing to gain greater insight over financial and commercial information, centralise a range of performance information or quickly identify areas of poor subscriber experience, our systems are designed to rapidly enhance the speed of both insight and reporting.

Some examples of the types of tools which look to fulfil these needs are Asset Manager and SmartCAPEX. These are commonly utilised by both managers and business analysts to research the viability of anything from a potential sharing and merging operation to granting greater control and insight over the details of their site network. Ultimately, the flexibility of Metricell’s approach and platform allows for any number of fully customised dashboards and interfaces to display and process management information. If you’d like more information on how our MIS capabilities can help you, let us know below.

Network Visualisation


Operators have always received mobile network performance data but their needs in recent times have evolved to the point they require much more intricate and geo-located data interaction in order to carry out their strategic directives. Whether it’s to efficiently migrate to new technologies, identifying strategies to improve subscriber experience, analysing past and historical fault/works impacts, or any number of other network visualisation use cases, being able to quickly identify where to act is a huge boost for their agility.Network intelligence screenshot

Metricell’s interfaces provide a web-based visualisation of network performance within crucial contexts such as network intelligence, customer experience, management reporting and engineering. By removing network data from its respective departmental silos, centralising and processing it via our powerful cloud platform, it can then allow for highly-targeted insight into any areas of interest.

These are in use by operators around the world for a variety of use cases including strategic analysis in both a micro and macro context, insight into roaming details, coverage holes, usage data and much more. It can also offer full integration with any network or 3rd party data such as fault alarms, trouble tickets and Ookla data. For more information on our network visualisation capabilities, get in touch with us below.

Service Quality Management


The experience customers have with your network service is the crucial factor in ensuring long-term retention of these accounts. Unfortunately, many service providers are still intent on objectively measuring technical metrics instead of the real-world experience of the subscriber. Metricell’s approach to Service Quality Management is to provide the means to monitor, maintain and improve the network from an experience point of view as part of a critical component of your retention strategy. Utilising our drive test units and fixed location monitoring systems, you can keep a 24/7/365 monitoring of performance for your customer’s routes, buildings and specific mobile needs.

Our test and monitoring systems are based on real subscriber smartphones in order to provide a more experience-focussed and resource-efficient alternative to traditional test and measurement approaches. Requiring no customer intervention, these ‘Plug&Play’ units test across a range of experience metrics including voice, data and service and autonomously upload all the data they collect to Metricell’s cloud platform with no need for post processing. This means that any building or vehicle can begin robust network testing as soon as the respective device is plugged in and activated.

The data these units capture is used for a range of proactive SQM use cases to improve the service received by their key customers. Our SmartTools visualisations and dashboards can then help to highlight network configuration issues, ensure major routes have excellent 2/3/4G service, report on any issues found along those routes, benchmark data speeds for any location of interest and also identify and understand key deltas against your predictions. Get in touch for more information.

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