Network Intelligence

Network intelligence allows us to identify where mobile experience can be improved. Use our bespoke analysis tools for remote working and rapid insight.

With network operator's infrastructure growing in size, diversity and complexity, there is a crucial need to be able to understand exactly where subscriber experience is at its best or its worst. Getting the data needed to paint this picture is where the real challenge begins. In our experience, internal requests for network intelligence can take weeks, if not months to fulfil, meaning real-time insight into the current state of networks becomes increasingly difficult to achieve.

Our SmartNetwork GIS leverages our data integration platform to centralise all required data, such as OSS KPIs, fault, operations and maintenance, before making it available via a web-based visualisation tool which manages all manipulation and reporting needs. Today, teams involved in everything from Service Management to Operations and Engineering are using our Smart Network to visualise OSS and drive test data, coverage rasters, transmission information, live trouble tickets, usage statistics and customer experience KQIs.

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