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Network Drive Testing, Fixed Location Monitoring And Site Surveying


To understand true Quality of Service (QoS), Operators are moving away from relying solely on site statistics and instead placing an emphasis on continuous customer and location centric monitoring. By deploying our on-device agents and ‘Plug-and-Play’ network drive testing units, Operators are able to pro-actively measure 360° customer experiences. Our devices and advanced back-end analysis tools empower a wide range of departments to continuously monitor QoS 24/7/365. As our testing solutions are fully autonomous, metrics are collected, analysed and presented automatically. The KQIs calculated based on these metrics provide a better understanding of how subscribers experience your network.

  • Fast ‘Plug & Play’ deployment with no specialist training
  • Continuous stream of data, automatically processed & analysed
  • Cost-effective data collection in near real-time
  • Highly scalable, allowing for internal and external testers

We combine a rich range of data sources, from OSS KPIs, to trouble tickets and maintenance, monitoring all aspects of the networks, alarming and alerting Operators instantly if any Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) have been breached. By combining this data, Corporate Account Managers have been able to proactively ensure the network is consistently delivering and fulfilling the Corporate Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as well as Network Operations teams ensuring vendors are continually meeting their SLAs. This allows Operators to proactively monitor and react quickly to possible service degradations before the SLA breach impacts end user experiences.

Our approach to Network Drive Testing, Measurement and Assurance has enabled operators to have tools at their disposal to establish exactly where and when service levels have fallen. In turn, ensuring they are able to differentiate their network by consistently providing excellent service levels to their customers.

Benchmarking Services


network drive testing

An operator that understands user perceived Quality of Experience (QoE) and how it compares with the competition, gains a vital advantage. Metricell’s Benchmarking Services provides this QoE insight to leading wireless carriers and other organisations worldwide.

Competitive measurement data is collected primarily from network drive testing but can also include indoor and pedestrian measurements as well as static probes. Our projects normally offer a range of reports designed for different purposes and audiences. Typically, a top level report concentrates on a Competitive Analysis where the key strengths and weaknesses amongst operators are identified along with priority areas for improvement. More detailed engineering reports may also be produced if required to support troubleshooting and optimisation. We can offer a full turnkey benchmarking service that includes data collection, measurement system management, post-processing, and full reporting.

Our technology and approach has been deployed annually with FutureZone who perform a nationwide benchmarking project assessing Austria’s top three operators across metrics including voice quality and video streaming capability. Let us know via the form below if you’d like some more information on our benchmarking services and past projects.

Network Drive Testing


network drive testing

Our AutoMobile units are in use around the world to test service provision and identify optimisation opportunities for radio networks. Often deployed for the drive testing of major road networks, the technology has also been used across rail and even cruise line transport routes to create coverage maps, provide service assurance, identify common network issues such as crossed feeders and sleeping cells as well as conduct nationwide benchmarking projects.

A key advantage of our approach is that our Plug and Play network drive testing units utilise consumer hardware in conjunction with intelligent testing applications to test network performance from the perspective of the end user. This vastly cuts the cost of traditional network drive test approaches and helps Network Quality teams conduct their optimisation activities in-line with the continual improvement of customer experience. Test scripts are remotely managed and replicate a subscriber behaviour within a range of scenarios such as web browsing, video streaming and voice calls.

Our recently enhanced AutoMobiles can also enable the capture of Qualcomm chipset and POLQA data. The information captured is fed into our cloud platform for processing and correlation with a range of other data sources from across the business to help a range of teams access it in real time via our SmartTools or other third party system. For more information or customer success stories please visit our case study page or request more information via the form below.

In Building & Site Surveys


Understanding experience across indoor and outdoor locations has become an increasingly pressing objective for operators who need to cater for a subscriber base who expect universal service provision across both indoor and outdoor locations. Our Android-based site surveying application, MobileSiteSurveyor (MSS), is in use around the world by engineers looking to gain stronger, more user friendly capabilities for use cases such as site validation and area surveys.

As well as autonomously testing a range of user experience metrics (such as call, download, upload, video streaming, etc.) MSS enables the user to conduct a full in-building survey against an image of the floor plan or site blueprint of the area they are surveying. Our newly enhanced version of the app allows for increased abilities for the capture of Layer 1-3, MIMO information and carrier aggregation information with full insight into all related cell information such as PCI values, RSRP, channel number, band number and more. This information is all uploaded directly back to the cloud for a highly-targeted view into the service levels provided throughout the duration of the engineers’ test routes.

The versatility and speed of the MSS approach has been deployed across Russia, Malaysia and London where one of our customers use it to analyse dropped call locations, coverage whitespots and a range of other network issues in popular tourist and commuter locations. To find out more about these case studies, let us know below.

Fixed Location Monitoring


Our Beacon location monitors utilise the same smartphone-based subscriber activity performance testing as our
AutoMobiles.These static monitors sit in any locationnetwork drive testing  of interest and monitor service provision by replicating the kind of activities subscribers would be performing in that area such as sending SMS messages or downloading/uploading data. With remote management by Metricell, our Beacons monitor locations around the world 24/7 to alert operators of any potential SLA breaches in key customer locations as well as continually testing metrics such as VoLTE KPIs, email and video performance, web browsing and much more.

The test and performance data is subsequently available through user-friendly dashboards for users to log in and see the data captured by all the Beacons active in their network. Specialised Beacon units now offer the ability to capture Layer 1-3 data as well as SIP signalling data and all Beacons can be set to automatically alert the appropriate people in the event, or risk of, service level threshold breaches. Recently, Beacons have been used at music and cultural events across Europe (including Glastonbury and the San Remo Festival) not just for the monitoring of wireless broadband, but also to advertise great network speeds to both prospective and current customers. For more information on Beacons and their use cases, request our brochure below.

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