Mobile Experience and Public Events: An Ever-Expanding Value Channel

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Mobile Experience and Public Events: An

Ever-Expanding Value Channel


There was a time not too long ago when the thought of attending a live event and not giving it your full attention would be unthinkable. After all, you’ve given up money and time to see your favourite band or sports team in a live setting, only to spend a large proportion of it either looking at them through a screen, or updating people who aren’t there. 

Ultimately, the nature of how people experience events, as well as their wider lives, has become increasingly intertwined with mobile phones. Where there’s an experience to be had, people will be reaching for their phone to capture it, read more about it, or communicate something about it to their networks. This is why ensuring a high-quality mobile experience is such a pressing priority for operators. People sharing fantastic, positive content from events = good. People broadcasting negative experiences with their provider at events = bad.   

It’s easy to focus solely on how the service needs to support the tidal wave of photos, video streaming and messages shared at live events, but there are equally important financial and operational use cases which are dependent on a strong service for the delivery of a smooth, user friendly and ideally profitable event.

Some examples include:

       – Attendees needing to access and download their tickets to their phone

       – Advertisers wanting visitors to be able to receive a range of push notifications for merchandise promotions, VIP experiences, etc.  

       – Phone payments for everything from food and drinks to merchandise

       – Checking transport routes to and from the venue 

       – Using event apps for schedules and updates.  

As 5G continues its advance, a flood of new use cases will begin to emerge which will undoubtedly seek to take advantage of the additional resources provided by the technology. Virtual reality, 360-degree video, and countless other uses will appear in an attempt to further enhance people’s experience. The underlying issue of insight into performance will remain the same. Operators need to gain detailed intelligence on service performance at these busy, high-consumption events as it will increasingly tie into not just individual mobile experience, but the overall financial, operational and reputational success of large-scale public functions.

Our fixed location monitoring units have been used for network monitoring purposes at World Cup tournaments, international race tracks, European festivals, music events, and expositions. The data captured from their subscriber-experience performance tests is relayed back to operators in real-time to help engineers understand how well their networks are performing under the strain and if any additional capacity is required.


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