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The flexible Map API helping businesses take a new route to the implementation of powerful, simple geographic interfaces for websites, systems and dashboards.

Proven to help you reduce spending on maps with the added benefit of utilising maps customised to your specific business needs.

Our library of base maps can be quickly styled for your needs as well as customised to present just the information you want to display. MetriMaps offers a simplified pricing model with an option for company-wide licenses with no transactional monitoring to help reduce operational expenditure.

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Where Can MetriMaps Be Used?


Public-facing coverage checkers, retail store locations, and other web maps.


Modifiying maps within existing SmartTools deployments.


Internal tools – dashboards, status maps, reporting modules, and more.

Example Use Cases:

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Display transport routes covering buses and trains to public footpaths.

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Display key sites and locations in a range of industries from Oil and Gas to Retail.

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Help people “Find their nearest retail store” or see expected coverage / service in their area.

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Key Benefits

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Choose from a range of base maps which can be fine-tuned to the exact requirements of your use case, and the colouring needs of your brand.

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MetriMaps can evolve with your requirements allowing you to customise your maps by adding or removing data as your needs change.

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MetriMaps can accommodate a range of key features you depend on in your existing mapping interfaces ensuring you can benefit from the best components from each of your tools.

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