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Local Governments

Digital Asset Locator & Data Visualisation

Asset Locator is a purpose-built online marketplace where assets such as Buildings, Street Furniture and Open Spaces can be made available to interested third parties for purchase/rental proposals.

The benefits provided by Asset Locator include increased utilisation of these assets for items such as mobile connectivity infrastructure deployments and a new revenue source for the Local Authority.

The Asset Locator module is built upon our award-winning SmartNetwork visualisation tool, enabling quick and efficient identification of relevant assets through a streamlined process.

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Using AI to Manage Your Environment Monitoring Strategy

The environment is playing an increasingly important role in both central and local governments across legislation and policy decision making, with the aim of making significant improvements for the current and future generations.

Metricell’s IoT capabilities can assist in the data collection and analysis processes to provide a centralised and holistic view of the local environment. Key parameters included in Metricell’s collection capability are Air Quality Monitoring, Humidity, Temperature, Light plus many others using LoRaWAN technology.

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Traffic Monitoring

Congestion is an increasingly common issue facing local authorities as the number of vehicles on the road increases year on year. It contributes to a number of issues such as harmful air quality and degradation of road surfaces and so it is vitally important to know where the demand is and how to effectively manage this demand.

Metricell have a number of solutions to help understand the traffic levels and identify key issues such as Pothole Detection, Electric Vehicle (EV) Detection, Traffic throughput and others. This can help the local authority to understand items such as the success of traffic control solutions or the uptake of EVs and how this compares to EV Charging point availability.

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