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Metricell are Proud to be working with governments around the world to help create a better connected future for residents, businesses and emergency services.

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Managing Connectivity

High speed internet has quickly become one of our most crucial public utilities, joining power, water and fuel as a fundamental requirement for our daily lives. From small villages to mega cities, governments, councils and regulatory bodies around the world are tasked with ensuring the continual evolution of connectivity for their citizens and businesses.

The UK’s leadership in 5G has the potential to create £173bn of incremental GDP growth over the next ten years. For the UK, as well as their contemporaries around the world, achieving this depends on gaining the required insight to match need against demand.  

A key aspect to this is working to address the “Digital Divide.” This divide relates to the prioritisation of connectivity for larger towns and cities at the expense of smaller populations and rural communities. Access to high speed internet services for all help contribute to the greater goal of social equality ensuring everyone has the connectivity they need to support their professional and personal lives.

Utilising our powerful geospatial software, governments can join up their data sets to plan, track, manage and advertise the connectivity needs of their territories. Under-served areas can be quickly identified and lobbied as areas of improvement to the operators.

The Walkie-Talkie building in LondonPhone, laptop and newspaper on a deskA row of police vans

Utilising Real Estate

5G isn’t just set to implement a huge evolution in connectivity, but is also driving a new era of flexibility in how networks are deployed. This means that once single-purpose street furniture such as street and traffic lights, bus stops and telegraph poles will now be able to help support connectivity goals through targeted optimisation strategies.  

The key to turning these civic components into potential sites depends on seeing where they are in relation to current coverage and service levels for broadband. By understanding this, governments can work with operators to drive revenue from this new portfolio of street utilities.

We can work with you to place this portfolio into geographical context alongside the data you need to drive smarter investment decisions and work with operators on new lease agreements as they push forward with the rollout of 5G.

Insight for Regulators

Regulators are faced by an evolving landscape in communications which necessitates insight within contexts such as spectrum usage/licensing, through to validation of operator marketing and advertising claims.

In cases where Quality of Service is under analysis, manual processes based on complex and inefficient techniques are often utilised which do not corroborate with actual subscriber experience. A key example stems from industry’s long-standing reliance on coverage predictions. These predictions are used as the basis for key decisions, from punitive actions to financial compensation. However, these predictions can have a low correlation to actual network experience and regulators need a standardised and understandable method to verify the predictions.

Our experience across crowdsourcing, digital self-care, independent testing, and nationwide benchmarking projects can help to quickly build regulators and officials an accurate and fully validated picture of mobile experience from local to national level. Our systems can provide a standardised testing methodology which is subscriber-centric, easily customisable and fast to deploy.

Metricell offer a highly-localised interface which can cross-reference real world experience measurements against the predictions of mobile operators; a realistic replacement for coverage predictions as a proxy to judge network experience and regularly Benchmark each operator’s network performance; and measured coverage heat maps, produced by test devices that offer a much more accurate portrayal of network performance.

Metricell's software interfaceA beacon location monitorMetricell's software on a tablet

Emergency Services

With many countries still depending on aging technologies for their critical communications, the next decade is set to see many countries look to implement more powerful networks to support their emergency services.

In order to unlock new capabilities such as streaming footage from body cameras and gaining high-speed access to crime records, the infrastructure supporting critical communications will have to evolve to meet these needs. Our experience in network planning, testing and optimisation has seen us equip emergency service vehicles with no-invasive testing units which report on key service metrics 24/7/365.

This data is then visualised and utilised by project managers and engineers to chart the progress of the rollout and understand where to make network improvements.

a policeman in londonFire brigade on a city street

Amenities Analysis

Understanding the journeys people take based on mobile network information and how transport routes, services and stations are served by the network is a core aspect to ensuring their efficient operation. Not just for monitoring connectivity for travellers, but to ensure that the systems and workers tasked with keeping transport moving have strong service supporting them.

We have extensive experience in testing and reporting for key transport routes and public stations to help identify route sections with low coverage as well as advising on cost efficient network enhancement strategies for both trains and stations. We can supply engineers with dedicated test instruments to analyse service across both routes and stations and help gain the insight you need to get transport operations better connected.

Airport departure and arrivals boardLondon Underground train


Forward-thinking town planners and those involved in civic management are increasingly looking to how data can help them to create urban areas which are healthier, more energy efficient and more profitable.  Whether through initiatives focussed on air quality monitoring, waste management, traffic mapping, all this data needs to be viewed in unison in order to drive informed decisions regarding the digital transformation of urban areas.

Case Studies

Infrastructure Planning & Rollout

Our software is helping mobile and fixed line operators to visualise underserved areas for broadband and enable a number of geomarketing and decision making capabilities to drive these projects forward on time, and on budget.

This helps within both internal and external use cases as this information can be used to advertise the progress or success of rollout projects to the public via customizable geospatial interfaces, as well as be managed internally by a range of teams and associated stakeholders.

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Emergency Services Networks

The UK is currently rolling out a new 4G network for use by the emergency services to help support the next generation of critical communications use cases. Our test systems are working to continually analyse the performance of this new network in terms of both performance and optimisation.

This is building a continually evolving picture of the progress of the new emergency services network, pinpointing areas of no coverage and rapidly inform subsequent improvement works.

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Regulatory Insight

Our projects for regulators cover a wide range of needs from nationwide benchmarking analysis to gaining spectrum insight for auctions, auditing/management or interference investigation.

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Our customisable web-mapping software can integrate and present a range of data for both internal and public-facing use cases.

• Project manage rollout and testing projects

• Inform the public or other stakeholders on the progress of key infrastructure projects such as localised fibre rollouts on web real estate

• Centralise all your geographical information –housing, transport, traffic/mobility patterns, reports etc. – in a single interface.

Automated dashboards for a range of reporting purposes and real-time insight.

• Benchmarking of operator performance by country/region through crowdsourced data analysis

• Instant and customisable reporting for projects relating to communications infrastructure such as fibre rollouts, new emergency services networks and more.

• See all social media posts and gain the ability to understand public sentiment about projects, initiatives, etc.

Gain detailed understanding for how government buildings are served by the mobile network.

• Automated monitoring to continually monitor service 24/7 at any location

• App-based surveying to enable detailed in-building testing across rooms, floors, etc.

• Gain the insight you need to make cost-efficient decisions on DAS systems and other improvement works.

Understand service from providers across roads and rail routes whether from individual analysis projects or by county/country via crowdsourcing.

• Drive testing projects, whether for benchmarking or route analysis, can be initiated quickly and efficiently with user-friendly AutoMobile devices

• Update any mobile applications, whether internal or public-facing, with a compliant and fully anonymous route to crowdsourced experience insight.

• Any third party crowd data you have in your systems can be integrated and visualised via our web-based software allowing more departments to gain value from the data.

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