CEM: “It’s Time To See It As A Process…Not a Platform”

Written by Tom Staniland. Metricell Managing Director

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Tom Staniland
Managing Director

Customer experience management: “It’s Time

To See It As A Process…Not a Platform”


“Most customer experience management solutions fixate on what the customer
is doing to the network… Metricell’s approach is to look at what the network is
doing to the customer.” –
 Tom Staniland

The notion of “Customer Experience” is reasonably new as a confirmed business
objective, but one which has always been vital to customer attraction, loyalty and,
in a perfect world, advocacy. With the advent of social media and mobile, delivering
a truly differentiating cross-channel customer experience has become increasingly
complicated. Years ago, a billboard or advertisement could manage product promotion
and image, while the experience with the product hopefully lived up to the promises
from the business and helped create a lasting relationship with the customer.

Gartner: Defining customer experience management: “The practice of designing and
reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and thus,
increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy…” – Gartner

Today, it’s not so simple. Brands have become increasingly multi-faceted in their
presentation to the public and a positive image relies just as much on how they’re
seen to be prioritising customer communications and care than utilising traditional
advertising alone. While it can be hugely beneficial to leverage digital avenues for
care and promotion, there is also potential for back-fire,especially in the case of
social media where customers are far more likely to advertise negative opinions
regarding their experience than positive ones. Regardless, customer experience
is an established objective with 89% of marketers now identifying CX as their key

Over the past couple of years my conversations with customers have been increa-
singly dominated by the best way to implement ‘CEM’. Unfortunately, the focus is
on CEM as a platform rather than a process. Which means the focus is on the
network rather than the customer (same old story…).

As W. Edwards Deming once put it: “If you can’t describe what you’re doing as a
process, you don’t know what you’re doing.”

Most customer experience management systems simply don’t do as advertised
because there’s no management of customer experience involved. Instead, they’re
just providing another wayto look (yet again) at network data. To state the obvious,
CEM needs to involve the customer!

We’ve looked to implement this process-driven customer experience management
approach through our Service Checker tool. Subscribers can:

– Check live network status

– Register for updates about known network problems

– Report any issues they’re experiencing

They can even save key locations and get notified about any faults or maintenance
work that’s likely to impact them. This type of solution really proves its worth during
major incidents, by reducing the flood of calls into the contact centre. In short, it’s a
tool that helps operators to manage their customer’s experience of the network. It’s
CEM that does as advertised.

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