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crowd sourcingYour 2018 Guide to Crowd Sourcing & Network Optimisation

Along with the launch of our new website, we are pleased to offer you a complimentary copy of our new Crowd Sourcing brochure, produced by our in-house specialists. Let us know via the form below where we can send you your free copy.

What’s It About?

Understanding where millions of subscribers are, their network usage and how well apps perform, is essential knowledge for operators looking to prioritise network optimisation to improve customer experience. A more informed understanding of end-user experience is essential to drive these developments…but what’s the best way to go about it?

We adopt an approach which helps you to turn your subscribers into your network testers. By taking an automated, platform based approach where experience data is uploaded directly from subscriber handsets and correlated with current network information, you can start to answer questions such as – Where is YouTube playback particularly bad? How many other users suffer from poor coverage in the same location? Which apps (such as Instagram, Netflix and Spotify) perform best across specific commuter routes?

When analysed and visualised, this data can help to provide enhanced capabilities for the efficient identification of common issues such as overshooting sites, crossed feeders and areas of poor indoor coverage. With methodology and the power to compare from both a network and experience perspective, you can gain a stronger foundation of knowledge on which to base your optimisation activities.

Our Crowd Sourcing brochure covers the following topics…

  • How we collect, automate and integrate data
  • Using the data within contexts – Indoor vs. outdoor analysis and ensuring Minimum Service Levels
  • How we utilise the data to empower numerous teams across the operators business
  • Case studies – Our tried and trusted approach is successful for both operators and regulators

…and much more!

Stay ahead of your competitors and find out more about our platform based approach to managing crowd sourcing by requesting our brochure below!

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