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Why Consulting Solutions? 


Identifying methods which serve to continually boost network coverage against rising restrictions on expenditure is a growing challenge for operators around the world. With demand for mobile data becoming more intense year on year, the race is on to find solutions which can offer fast ROI at both speed and value. Despite the heavy investment in Big Data platforms, there is a continual struggle to demonstrate a certifiable and transformative return from their adoption.

Take network optimisation for instance. In order to understand where you can make changes or improvements, you will need to build a picture of how your network is performing across your territory. With Metricell’s consulting solutions, we can work with you to centralise and visualise a variety of data feeds from across your business to gain a real-time image of network performance and experience.

Without this approach, data collection and consolidation can become a highly resource-intensive operation. Through our expertise and technological approach, we were involved in the UK telecoms largest network merging activity between two of the top operators aiming to serve 33 million subscribers. With our SmartNetwork technology helping our customer to avoid the manual processes and resources traditionally required to collect and collate the required data, working with Metricell helped them to save £500m per year.

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Network Audits

Network Audits


Network infrastructures continue to grow and evolve as they work to meet capacity and coverage goals. As they are expanded and augmented with new technologies, understanding exactly what you have, where it is, and what it’s serving is essential information to have before you begin any improvement or enhancement work. Metricell’s consulting team can work with operators to integrate all required data into our SmartNetwork tool which will plot all geographical and network information to provide you with a fine grain and all-encompassing view of your network infrastructure.

The advantages of a robust network audit process can enable you to:

  • Expand your network with increased resource efficiency
  • Gain greater planning capabilities in regards to maintenance work
  • Provide a stronger, more capable network for your subscribers

Get in touch with our Consulting Team today for more information on our Network Audit capabilities.

Network Sharing & Mergers


Metricell have unprecedented network consolidation and optimisation expertise playing the vital role as the “honest broker” in all major European merger/network sharing projects in the last decade, including the T-Mobile and Orange merger in the UK which is now achieving cost savings of €650million.

We provide the software and service to support Operators at each step, from planning and implementation right through to operation. Our unique methodology has been tailored to deliver network integration across large, complex operational networks. In these client projects, our consulting solutions have delivered critically important strategic analysis which covers both technical and commercial KPIs.

Our tools have been used by Operators to monitor and understand the effects of site decommissions, for example EE have used our approach extensively to ensure their 31 million subscribers have been impacted as little as possible.

We Can Deliver:

  • Data Warehouse – setup and delivery of an essential data warehouse across the project. This will capture key facts for both networks and a new optimum merged plan will be created
  • Strategic Analysis – full countrywide status of both Operators’: sites, Routes of Interest (ROIs), coverage, sub type and penetration rates, etc.
  • Inter Roaming Details – traffic ‘sharing’ between Public Land Mobile Networks (PLMNs), identify coverage holes/roaming locations, revenue benefits by area
  • Technology Planning – site list generation and ranking, transmission re-plan, consolidation plan, de-installation etc.
  • Marketing Essentials – consolidated subscribers, penetration rates, Average Revenue per User (ARPU), usage data, together with underlying market opportunity. Request our information pack on network sharing and mergers below.



Modern day operators face the ever increasing challenge of providing a quality mobile network with decreasing resources. This problem is further accentuated by the fact that subscribers have an insatiable appetite for network services but are not prepared to pay for them. The combination of these facts means that operators need to think intelligently about their investment decisions to ensure they maximise their returns.

A number of options are available to operators including network sharing/merger agreements, small cell rollout or HetNet strategies but the key is to understand which one (or combination of) to deploy. Our complimentary whitepaper, produced by Metricell’s Consulting Division, discusses both the challenges and the potential routes to success we can open up with our decades of experience delivering Smart Network analytics to customers worldwide.


  • The financial and technical drivers behind the need for smarter Capex spend.
  • The need and approach to gain greater insight into your network environment. How the aggregation of data gained from geospatial analysis and in-depth site evaluation can help you to prioritise areas most in need of strategic development.
  • The Real World Applications: A case example of how we assisted a large operator gain a deeper level of insight for the evaluation of 2000 potential macrocell locations in under a month to inform their rollout strategy.

Our approach takes into consideration a vast range of datasets including available spectrum, link budgets, traffic forecasts and coverage area data derived from geospatial and coverage analysis to ensure that the operator has all the necessary facts to make their investment decision. Additional outputs can also be produced including detailed link budget analysis, predicted composite coverage, best server and per cell coverage for any technology layer and frequency band to view the impacts of the plan before it is deployed. You can get in touch with our consulting solutions team to learn more or feel free to request our whitepaper via the form below.