Mobile Network Consulting


The Metricell Consulting Group, comprised of engineers, data scientists and developers, works closely with many international organisations including telecoms operators, regulators, investors and equipment vendors. We help our clients deliver exceptional outcomes in the face of ever-increasing consumer expectations, budgetary pressure and complexity. We are uniquely able to combine practical telecommunications network expertise with our in-house big-data analytical platform and software tool sets.

Our Radio Frequency specialists are working with leading mobile operators in the UK to plan and optimise 5G NR and 4G networks throughout the country. Our performance analysts measure and report on critical communications coverage for the emergency services on behalf of Government. Internationally we are involved in mobile performance benchmarking projects across EMEA, Asia and the Americas.

We also have a solid track record of working on CAPEX and OPEX optimisation through network sharing and mergers. Clients have found our geospatial intelligence tools and advanced analytical abilities, plus arms-length relationship with the various parties particularly useful.

Common Services:

- Network Sharing and Merging Projects
- Technical studies for Regulators
- Mobile Network planning and Optimization
- Small Cell Planning
- Indoor and Tunnel Coverage design
- Fibre Rollout and Transmission Design
- Specialist staffing services

- Subscriber mobility patterns / route analysis
- Geo analysis for fixed line providers
- Small cell / Wi-Fi hotspot deployment
- Emergency service coverage validation
- Geo-Marketing and Business Analysis
- Competitor Intelligence Projects
- NPS and network performance correlations

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