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Subscriber experience is increasingly emerging as one of the most pressing issues on the agenda of the modern operator. The overall experience of the subscriber extends from their YouTube browsing experience all the way to interactions with customer care agents. Understanding how they perceive network quality and where to improve it is a crucial differentiator in a highly competitive market. Our CEM solutions, encompassing self-care, mobile quality and contact centre technology, all serve to better-manage and improve subscriber experience. We work with operators to achieve this through the provision of clear communication channels regarding network faults, helping agents more rapidly respond to customer queries, and creating the means to capture the data you need to build a more representative picture of actual experience across your network.

Unlike other CEM solutions in the industry, we work to prioritise the capture and use of real experience data instead of relying on existing network data to derive ‘new’ experience insights from. By taking our systemic approach to CEM, you can place more of a focus on automated complaint handling, remote management and digital two-way communication between the operator and subscriber. This allows subscribers to gain a window into the network around them whether its searching online for live network status or reporting problems or uploading experience data directly back to their operator via their mobile. Read more about our technology below.

Crowd Sourcing


Metricell have extensive experience in the collection of large scale, crowd sourced telephony data for both network optimisation and wider use cases within our CEM solutions portfolio. The data we collect via our Mobile Quality Applications is analysed and presented back in the form of metrics and KPIs to give the operator a better understanding of subscriber experience. This helps make significant savings when compared to traditional test and optimisation methods.

We aggregate a wide variety of metrics to provide a unique stream of data for performance monitoring and the analysis of trends which have been proven to help with:

  • The automatic capture of real-time key performance measurements (dropped calls, no service, no data and more) to monitor network performance
  • Instantly leveraging an existing Apps user base
  • Instant verification of your coverage predictions and the automated identification of problems

If you would like some more detailed information on our crowd sourcing proposition, visit our blog post to learn more and request a copy of our 2018 guide.

You can also visit our case study page for case studies about some of our past and current initiatives including how we can help you to incorporate gamification into your crowd sourcing initiatives.

Mobile Quality Applications


Our Mobile Quality Applications help operators to drive digital self care and gain real-world experience data about their subscribers. Our technology comes in the form of both a white-labelled subscriber-facing app and a software development kit which serves to enhance existing apps with new capabilities and forms a key part of our wider CEM solutions package.

This equips an operator with passive monitoring and speed-test capabilities along with any mobile-based problem reporting directly from customer phones. This large-scale approach to mobile crowd sourcing has helped operators gain unrivalled experience insight across their territory in a matter of weeks. From here, this experience data can be utilised to get highly accurate performance information for any location of interest.

This approach allows us to utilise the captured data within a range of use cases. By taking your predicted coverage data sets and aggregating them against real-world experience data, you can accurately verify coverage in any location and use the same information to identify common problems occurring on your network such as high deltas between measured and predicted coverage, poor in-building coverage and under-served areas. With our CEM solutions, you can drill down into on-device subscriber experience on both an individual and general level to gain a more representative view of performance from the subscriber point of view.

Many of our customers in engineering also use this data within our SmartRAN tool to automate a range of diagnosis and optimisation activities including overshooting sites, sleeping sites and crossed feeders along with the identification of those impacting upon network experience the most. Let us know below where we can send you more information on our approach to crowd sourced quality data and how it can help you.

Contact Centre Solutions

Contact Centre Solutions


It doesn’t make sense for any operator around the world to let their call centre bear the full brunt of initial queries about live network status. Customers demand transparency when it comes to network issues and the best way to provide it is with CEM solutions designed to connect them to the information they need digitally and efficiently. It’s not just best for customers, it’s best for you too.

Whether contacting you through an online form, app, or a phone query, we work to help put essential service and performance information at the fingertips of those who need it. Our SmartAgents tool aggregates the most desired capabilities for front line support staff into a single interface to help them more rapidly respond to common customer queries. The tool can integrate a range of data (such as Service Checks, active tickets, fault and maintenance information and more) to cut down on interdepartmental requests for information and advise customers much faster.

Our largest customer with a subscriber network of millions recently discovered that the implementation of our self-serve Service Checker API into their web estate can lead to huge improvements in terms of key metrics such as NPS and First Call Resolution as well as massive month-on-month operational savings for the contact centre.

Service Checker


Customers are demanding more than just coverage data from their self-care channels. They expect that network status information regarding their live service should be available seamlessly across their devices and operator interaction points – from apps to websites. They also expect to be able to engage in two-way dialogue via their mobile devices on network issues without having to call through to Customer Care. Catering for this can bring big benefits for subscriber satisfaction whilst also crowd sourcing a new window into experience for operators. It simply doesn’t make sense for any operator around the world to let their call centre handle the full weight of initial queries about live network status when enhancing your digital channels with the right information can help to share this traffic much more efficiently. Considering the harm poor customer experience can cause for brand reputation, investing in subscriber satisfaction must be made a key priority.

Metricell’s Service Checker API integrates seamlessly into your existing self-care channels and allows your subscribers to check location-based network status including new or ongoing issues. The system also utilises robotic process automation to allow subscribers to enter into automated dialogue in relation to resolution times on raised complaints or issues at stored favourite places. This crowd-sourced data is subsequently collected on raised complaints and can be used as part of the resolution process. Usage data from your subscribers also acts as a key metric of what is searched for via Service Checker and when.

Our approach utilises more than just predicted coverage through the additional integration of fault, maintenance and performance feeds. This allows real-time network status information to be available at whatever level of detail an operator wants to provide. With our focus on the incorporation of machine learning techniques and increasing levels of robotic process automation, we can help you to drive an increasingly automated and proactive approach to the recognition and handling of network faults.

Service Checker Case Example


EE utilise our service checker technology to communicate clear, digitalised information to their subscribers about live service. They recognise that many of the ‘coverage checkers’ in the industry were confusing customers into thinking they were viewing live service information when in fact they were only seeing predicted coverage data. This had a negative impact on the subscriber experience and ultimately ended up driving more traffic to the call centre from confused subscribers looking for live and localised network status information.

Working with Metricell, they have implemented a new Network Status Checker on their website which, utilising numerous data sources, is able to inform customers about live service as well the nature of any problems in the locations they have searched along with the anticipated time to resolution. This web-based process has been established to address one of the key issues behind a negative impact on network NPS scores which was due to the customer feeling that they lacked network visibility. With the new interface on their website, the user can search for information regarding live 2/3/4G status, register for automated updates for any locations of interest, and submit detailed problem reports.

You can request the full case study below which contains more information on the operational improvements (such as MTTR, AWT and FCR KPI improvements), and subscriber experience benefits the approach provided EE.

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