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Fixed Location Monitoring

Monitoring your Subscribers Experience

Fixed-Location Monitoring (FLM) contains the same underlying technology (customised smartphones) as their Drive testing counterparts. They are remotely managed and also designed to replicate real customer use cases e.g. (uploading and downloading data, sending SMS). The key difference is that FLM equipment are built for 24/7 in-building monitoring at key locations, such as Retail stores, Corporate HQs and Special events.

Our unique technology can customise their required performance thresholds, and request email/SMS alerts to be sent when these thresholds are broken. 24/7 monitoring also means that ‘Service Level Agreement’ type reports can be set-up, providing unique insight into the quality of service being provided at a given location. The units can be upgraded to capture Qualcomm chipset and Voice Quality (POLQA) measurements.

The Fixed Location Process: 

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