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Customer Experience Management

With the battle for subscriber retention the most intense it’s ever been, offering a market leading customer experience is becoming an increasingly high priority for operators. Our CEM process offers a unique alternative to other solutions in the sector by establishing a process which both produces and utilises real experience data. It’s all about improving the quantity and quality of subscriber experience data flowing into your business. With innovations such as online service checkers and in-app customer reporting, we can help to establish your customer care provision as a true differentiator within the market for both your subscribers and internal operations.

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Network Intelligence

All organisations suffer from data silos which restrict the flow of information to those who need it. SmartNetwork takes aim at these issues by using a centralised cloud approach to aggregate and process data from across the enterprise and making it available to a range of departments through a user-friendly and web-based visualisation tool. This allows for a single view into the network across your territory with integration and presentation of data including coverage maps, OSS performance, test & measurement, current tickets, works & maintenance and any other required data feeds.

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Test, Measurement & Assurance

Test, measurement and assurance is as essential for today’s operator as it’s ever been. What isn’t essential is the level of time, expense and human resource required for traditional test and measurement approaches. Metricell’s test systems for drive testing, fixed location monitoring, benchmarking and site surveying focus on testing performance within the context of subscriber activities. These include voice quality, social media and video tests with full capture of engineering data such as Layer 1/3, MINO measurements, SIP signalling, automated coverage validation and more. Our tools help you to correlate the latest OSS KPI information with test data centred around subscriber experience for a representative and real-time window for analysis and network planning capabilities.

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Consulting Solutions

Operators, vendors and infrastructure providers face an unprecedented challenge in how they enhance the capacity and coverage of their networks against growing device numbers and increasingly restrictive budgets. Metricell’s consulting team works with operators to achieve a range of complex goals at the maximum efficiency of resource. Whether it’s helping two networks complete a consolidation project, carrying out a network audit or benchmarking program or even designing a new network from scratch, our consulting team combine Metricell’s Big Data software tools with years of detailed knowledge in wireless systems and business for unrivalled support with your goals.

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