Nationwide Testing & Benchmarking

Utilising our user-friendly testing capabilities, regulators can gain powerful and efficient tools for localised analysis projects, all the way through to nationwide benchmarking initiatives. The data collected by our tools can be integrated alongside any other sources of data the regulator has at their disposal such as operator information, data from their own scanners, coverage maps or population bases. This technology has also been utilised in the testing of new, nationwide critical communication services rolled out for emergency services operations.

Our AutoMobile drive test units have been used extensively by regulators for a range of drive testing scenarios. They have also been deployed within emergency services vehicles and various modes of public transport to understand how well both the public and key infrastructure services are provisioned. AutoMobile Benchmarking Kits consist of multiple devices, each measuring a particular network. The test cycle of every device can be synced to get the most precise comparison of operators’ relative performance. The platform is the central portal where each AutoMobile can be customised and to which all the measurements are automatically synced.

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