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It's not just humans using our networks. Devices have now overtaken people in terms of total number of connections... and there will be more to come. Over the next few years, device and machine connections will continue to grow, connecting and transmitting information from consumer level all the way through to multi-national industrial use cases.

Below are examples of how Metricell are working to improve the various industries that stand to benefit the most from IoT expansion and in-building solutions.

Travel: Signal assurance on transport routes (Buses, freight); customer connectivity for on-device itinerary access; staff access for company procedures (airports, transport services)

Industry: Monitor service for autonomous machine control; rise of IoT connectivity; safeguard connectivity in open spaces (warehouses, factories, construction sites)

Venues: Identify oversaturation of network, make timely improvements; track customer experience during events; ensure adequate service for day-to-day connectivity (stadia, university)

Workforce: Servicing for both BYOD and company supplied handsets; identify the best devices for supporting staff productivity; analyse commercial investment vs. service (typical office environment)

Retail: Ensure customer connectivity at branch; protect company image from customer complaints; provide an on-par alternative to Wi-Fi (department stores, brands with reliance on social media interactions)

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