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Advancements in technology have paved the way for an always-on, always-connected world. The introduction of 5G will connect all manner of devices under the Internet of Things and automated technology will lead to a better-connected tomorrow.

However, the reality is that many companies still struggle with weak service and are continuously undermined by the most basic of communication requirements. It might be something simple like missing a call from a colleague, but it can easily branch out to something important like the closing call with a multi-million pound buyer.

Ramifications of poor service events are usually a loss of revenue, productivity and reputation, with nearly 50% of UK businesses affected each year. These companies suffer from coverage ‘not-spots’ across a variety of industries, from Enterprise offices to manufacturing plants; retail stores to public events.

So how does your company handle poor service events? How can you make the necessary adjustments today to improve your company operations for the future?

The following information will introduce Metricell’s in-building solutions, built to help improve the connectivity at key work locations, support the commercial process with your corporate provider and ensure you stay connected 24/7.

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