Coverage Validation

Our validation algorithms can serve to compare predicted coverage information against that of real experience reported by subscriber devices. Predicted signal coverage can't be fully relied upon, especially as cities grow and levels of clutter consistently vary.

In most scenarios, the prediction models employed produce results that can significantly vary from real-world experience. Our solution is a highly-localised interface which can cross-reference real world experience measurements against the predictions of mobile operators.

Metricell Test and Measurement solutions permit regular coverage validation on a mass-scale. This offers a realistic replacement for coverage predictions as a proxy to judge network experience. These measurements can also satisfy Regulators’ requirements to regularly Benchmark each operator’s network performance.

Coverage predictions from operators seldom reflect real-world experience. Measured coverage heat maps, produced by test devices, offer a much more accurate portrayal of network performance. Coverage validation provides a real-world estimate of expected service level that reliably supports subscribers’ actual experience.

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