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Service Checker & SmartAgents - Digital Customer Care

The Importance of Prioritising Innovation in Telecoms

A key area that operators can look to invest in is within Digital Customer experience, especially within the context of service. While the reputation of service from mobile operators has improved over the past few years, there’s clearly more ground to gain.

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Why Customer Care is Increasingly Dependent on Collaboration

Drive a range of improvements from both an operational and customer satisfaction perspective all through the improvement of access to information whether via a live agent or self-service avenue.

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The Importance of Network Status for a Locked Down Society

Dependency on the internet and voice services has increased exponentially. Mobile operators need fast digital network status information for customer service channels.

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Our Pledge to Operators Around the World

We’re working hard to support our customers and their operations throughout this uncertain period and we’re here to help you too. Get in touch with us here and we will happily send you some more information on Service Checker and discuss how to get you started.

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2020 – The Year CX Overtakes Price and Product

For network operators, the majority of customers would prefer a self-served, digital route to customer service. Metricell can help with your digital customer experience.

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"Dirty Data" - No Longer A Dirty Secret

Operators need access to usable data to successfully adopt and drive value from new activities such as advanced analytics, AI and automation. Siloed, inconsistent, or otherwise "dirty" data can be a huge barrier to digital transformation.

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Why Network Operators Should Listen To The "Wisdom of the Crowd"

A live service checker not only helps unlock a new source of experience data, it also provides an autonomous and robust support channel to support 1st line customer network queries.

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