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Proactive Service Improvement & Management for Enterprise Customers

With growing competition from other providers and emerging capabilities for the deployment of private networks within corporate real estate, it is imperative that operator teams have the insight they need to proactively manage enterprise mobile needs.


GIS and Spatial Analysis: Celebrating the History Behind Our New SmartTools

Having specialised in GIS solutions for over 14 years, the latest iteration of our tools brings a range of new features to our flagship software suite. With 3D visualisation, collaborative functionality and a whole new range of mapping customisation capabilities, we’re confident our new innovations will provide a positive contribution to the world of GIS.


How Mobile Operators Are Reclaiming the High Street

Metricell’s Beacons are cost-efficient, autonomous devices which test mobile service 24/7 in any location of interest. Customised for store owners and retail managers, these units test a range of activities (such as web browsing, streaming and call quality) with the performance information accessible in real-time.


Why Mobile is Essential for the Resurgence of the High Street

Metricell’s Beacon units are autonomous network monitors. Customisable test scripts allow those looking after retail connectivity to test the network all year round and access the performance information through fast, user friendly online software and dashboards.


Is It Time For a “Less is More” Approach To Web Mapping?

MetriMaps can provide businesses with maps styled to the needs of their brand and users which display just the information pertinent to the use case such as routes, buildings, coverage layers, outage reports, or any other required geospatial information.


Are Your Maps Keeping You On The Road to Efficiency?

Metricell is working with network operators, enterprises and government functions to provide a bespoke Map API. Drawing on a wealth of experience with web-based geospatial software, we’re pleased to provide a range of easily customisable maps for any number of use cases.


The Challenge of Improving In-Building Experience for Enterprises

Asses in-building coverage and map network experience directly against floorplans with Surveyor. This can help to improve connectivity and identify problem areas to make targeted, cost-efficient improvements to in-building service.


The Need to Understand Connectivity in an Evolving Workspace

Our consulting team, working in conjunction with analysis tools, can help both operators and facilities managers gain greater insight into in-building service by mapping received service directly against floor plans and blueprints.


Connecting Remote Teams Through Collaboration and Communication

Web-based software such as SmartTools can help to support remote teams by centralising and presenting a wealth of data within a single interface accessible for anyone who needs it.


Why Enterprise Business Needs Greater Insight into Mobile Service

We specialise in helping large businesses get Better Connected through the provision of user-friendly yet powerful testing solutions to continually monitor and plan around ever-evolving network needs.

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