and Regulators

Regulators and governmental bodies around the world need independent analytical capabilities for the measurement of coverage and service across their territories. Are operators delivering on their coverage goals? How is customer experience performing within the worldwide market? Which providers are delivering a market-leading product for subscribers, and where do improvements need to be made?

In cases where Quality of Service is under analysis, manual processes based on complex and inefficient techniques are often utilised which do not corroborate with actual subscriber experience. A key example stems from industry’s long-standing reliance on coverage predictions. These predictions are used as the basis for key decisions, from punitive actions to financial compensation. However, these predictions can have a low correlation to actual network experience and regulators need a standardised and understandable method to verify the predictions.

Our experience across crowdsourcing, digital self-care, independent testing, and nationwide benchmarking projects can help to quickly build regulators and officials an accurate and fully validated picture of mobile experience from local to national level. Our systems can provide a standardised testing methodology which is subscriber-centric, easily customisable and fast to deploy.

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