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To understand true Quality of Service (QoS), network operators are moving away from relying solely on site statistics and are instead placing an emphasis on continuous customer and location-centric monitoring. Our approach to test and measurement places cost-efficient and user-friendly tools into the hands of drive testers, optimisation specialists and engineers to help them start improving their networks in a way that directly benefits subscriber experience.

Our solutions enable the creation of a new stream of detailed, subscriber-centric data to start enriching the knowledge landscape of a network operator's business.

- Service monitoring of large scale public events such as Glastonbury music festival.
- Detailed engineering testing across key public spaces and civic services including some of the UK's largest railway stations and transport routes.
- Nationwide benchmarking projects across service, voice quality, video streaming, and other subscriber-experience metrics.
- VoLTE and Layer 3 capture across specific trouble areas to help diagnose and resolve the underlying issues behind dropped call hotspots.

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