Whether through customised mobile apps, contact centre software, chat bots, digital voice assistants or live service checker capabilities, we can help network operators get live service information to their customers faster and via the channels they prefer.

Our SmartAgents contact centre software helps to create a powerful managed dialog with subscribers and is proven to deliver rapid improvements to KPIs such as First Call Resolution and Average Waiting Time. The software centralises a range of information designed to rapidly close a range of common customer queries regarding network experience. Agents input the contact's location into the interface and can instantly see the network environment around the caller including 2/3/4/5G coverage, live service, any works/maintenance going on in that area, and also nearby retail stores to which they can direct subscribers

Service Checker
Metricell’s Service Checker API integrates seamlessly into a network operators existing digital channels and allows your subscribers to check location-based network status including new or on-going issues. The system utilises robotic process automation to allow subscribers to enter into automated dialogue in relation to resolution times on raised complaints or issues at stored favourite places. This interaction can also be handled by our SmartAssistant chat feature which allows the querying of network status through voice channels such as those offered by Apple and Google.

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Internet of Things

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