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29 Sep 2017: Metricell and EE Runners Up at the UK Customer Experience Awards

Last night, amid the glitz and glamour of this year's UK Customer Experience Awards, we're proud to announce EE and Metricell secured a hard-fought second place in the category of Digital CX Innovation. There was some strong competition from the likes of NowTV, TalkTalk and Business Stream so well done to everyone involved.

6 Aug 2017: 'MetriSell' 2017 Proves A Big Success for the Team and Our Partners

The start of August saw our annual 'MetriSell' sales week kick off with our international sales heads converging on the Big Blue for a week of presentations, discussions and socials. In a big change from previous years, the week saw members of our international partner community join us over the four days and contributed enormously to the success of the event. Everything from strategy to technology was discussed and people from a wide variety of departments had the opportunity to talk about their achievements and plans for 2017. 

15 Jul 2017: Metricell and EE Announced As Finalists for the UK Customer Experience Awards 2017

Last week we were delighted to hear that our joint submission to the UK Customer Experience Awards (in partnership with EE) has progressed through to the finalist stages in the categories of 'Engage Customers Online' and 'Digital CX Innovation.' The finals, taking place at the end of September, will see a Metricell/EE team present to a panel of judges with the assessment of both presentation and written submission deciding whether we win one (or perhaps even two!) of the most prestigious awards in Customer Experience. We'll keep you updated with all the news as we get it. 

4 Jun 2017: CIS Manager Alex Appanov joins the panel at International Wireless Russia Forum

At this year's annual forum on strategic network quality improvement, crowd-sourcing was high on the agenda and the organisers invited our Russia/CIS Manager, Alex Appanov, to take part in the roundtable discussions. Joining Alex were a number of representatives from both suppliers and operators including members of long-term Metricell customer, Tele2. Find more information on this forum here.

31 May 2017: Metricell Enhances Blog Collection With New Post from Tom Staniland

We're pleased to continue this year's series of blog posts from members of Metricell's worldwide sales team. This month, our Commercial Director, Tom Staniland, turns his focus to the role of CEM and how many operators could be making a mistake by being too centred on the platform instead of the process. But with customer experience increasingly highlighted as the key differentiator in today's market, what should operators be looking at to maximise the impact of their approach to CEM? Read on to find out more.

01 April 2017: Metricell Attends Opportunities Fair

Digital Media Executive, Faisal Ahmed, and our Office and Finance Manager, Tracy Hines, represented Metricell earlier this month at a local jobs and apprenticeship fair in town. Supported by Horsham District Council and the UK Apprenticeships body, the fair aims to provide young people in the area an idea of the wealth of opportunities available through apprenticeships with local companies. Metricell takes an active part in the recruitment of local talent and many members of our valued team got their start with us through initiatives just like this. Interested to know more? Feel free to email us at recruitment@metricell.com

10 March 2017: Metricell Launches Metri-TV!

Metricell has launched a new video section on our website to give visitors a new way to learn about our technology and recent projects. We are continuing to create a range of videos to educate our audience about some of our core technological features, functions and capabilities. These new videos take a look at some of the new reporting features available within our SmartBoards tool which includes fixed location monitoring and coverage reporting. We are in the process of finalising new videos focussing on our Consulting and SmartAgents propositions. Visit Metri-TV today!

08 Feb 2017: Metricell Beacons Join the Sanremo Festival

Metricell's Beacons are developing quite the reputation for their attendance at famous public events. Last year they took a trip to Glastonbury to help EE monitor their mobile broadband provision over the course of the festival. Continuing this tradition of monitoring and safeguarding the experience of concert-goers, we have supplied our technology to the Sanremo festival in Italy alongside our partners at LaRocca solutions.

The festival, held in the historical Sanremo, is an annual song contest where a variety of performers compete for the chance to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest. This week, between the 6th and 11th and February, Beacon data will be used to inform the public about the super-fast download speeds now on offer throughout the city through dynamic on-screen advertisements. As well as acting as a powerful marketing tool, the data gained from the monitored locations is also used operator side to ensure 24/7 service quality monitoring of data provision throughout the city.

Learn more about Beacons here.

13 Jan 2017: Metricell Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

This month we’ve been celebrating ten years since our founding way back in 2007. It’s been a decade of rapid innovation and growth which has encompassed the continual evolution of our technology stack, staff and, of course, premises! Our relationship with our worldwide partner community has, of course, been integral to this. We extend our thanks and look forward to the next ten years with you all. Cheers!​

25 Nov 2016: Metricell Technology Deployed for 3rd Year in a Row in Austrian Benchmarking Project

The Project

Metricell's technology has been deployed for the 3rd year running for Futurezone's in-depth benchmarking project aimed to judge the performance of Austria's three main mobile operators. Working in close partnership with the Head of the Test Team, Jürgen Dalmus (Dalmus Commercial Agency), our technology has helped to collect over 200,000 measurements during a two and a half month period in order to rank the service provision of the country's three main providers. The eight testing scenarios included both classic scenarios (such as download and upload) as well as practical applications such as streaming videos from YouTube.

Metricell and Testing

For each testing scenario, the operator could be awarded up to 80 points. In order to analyse, as Dalmus puts it, "how consumers actually experience the web in their daily lives," the performance in the access and use of social media was also tested. This was measured by analysing the speed of WhatsApp transmission along with the retrieval of data from Facebook and the updating of statuses to social media networks. In order to test this across the country, Metricell's AutoMobile applications and drive testing solutions gathered the data whilst being driven across the country to build a nationwide picture of network performance.

"A True to Life User Experience"

A key focus of this benchmarking exercise is to test from the subscriber's point of view. Metricell's applications run on common handsets likely to be used by the public such as the Xperia Z5 and the Moto G. Combined with Metricell's experience and capabilities in gaining data from the subscriber's perspective through means such as crowd-sourcing, our technological deployment was tuned to deliver the primary goal of the project: "To get as realistic a picture as possible for the end user."

The Results

Utilising the data gained via Metricell's testing, alongside that gathered from a battery of other tests, Futurezone found that A1 provided the highest level of service provision for Austria. Thanks to an increased focus on LTE rollout, T-Mobile has bridged the gap significantly since the results of 2015 but still fell behind both A1 and Drei. Ultimately, results showed all three networks could easily meet the requirements for Austrian smartphone users meaning that competition, especially over price, will be set to increase in the coming years.

Would you like to know more about Metricell's Benchmarking and Analysis capabilities? Get in touch with us today!

About Metricell

Metricell is a leader in geospatial intelligence tools that help mobile operators answer key questions about their business: Responsible for a number of first-to-market products, our technology is now in use by operators worldwide including Europe's three largest mobile network operators. Our focus is to meet the expanding needs of wireless network operators to improve the commercial performance of their organisations. We understand the need to provide a critical bridge between subscribers and the multiple facets of a network operator: from customer support through marketing to operations and strategy.

Visit www.metricell.com for more information. 

24 Oct 2016: Metricell Receive Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade

We are immensely proud to have been awarded the 2016 Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade. The award recognises achievement in both growth and commercial success within international markets.

In a ceremony last week, Managing Director, Dr. Steve Mockford, was presented with the official Queen's Award crystal bowl by the Lord Lieutenant of West Sussex, Susan Piper. Mrs. Piper spoke of Metricell's achievement at winning such a prestigious award and complemented Metricell in both their company values and strategic direction. 

Commenting after the presentation, Dr. Mockford said: "I'm immensely proud for Metricell to have been awarded with a second Queen's Award.  It pleases me greatly that our local business has shown that innovation and success in the tech industry isn't just the preserve of the City, but a representation of the entire nation's capabilities within the technology sector."

Alongside the Lord Lieutenant and her deputy, the ceremony was attended by Chairman of Horsham District Council, Cllr. Christian Mitchell and Chairman of West Sussex County Council, Pat Arculus.

“This is a fantastic achievement for Metricell and all their staff. To have won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade this year - having won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2012 – proves how the company is going from strength to strength," said Councillor Mitchell.

Read more and share our press release on LinkedIn.


16 Sep 2016: Success for Metricell's Apprentices!

We are pleased to announce that two of our apprentices, Josh Skidmore and Scott Ward, have now completed their apprenticeship year with Metricell and will look to begin working towards a degree in Digital and Technology Solutions (Hons.) at Chichester University. 
Over the past year, Scott and Josh have brought tremendous value to the numerous projects we have been working on. Utilising their natural flair for technology alongside their rapid engagement with the telecoms industry, they have helped to prove the value of the apprenticeship schemes we continue to be a vocal proponent of.
Earlier this week, Metricell Finance Manager, Tracy Hines, and Customer and Business Support Manager, Evan Arthur, headed up a booth at Horsham's Jobs and Skills Fair 2016. This gave a new generation of local young people the chance to introduce themselves, ask questions, and get a feel for what's involved in a career in technology. 
Luckily, as part of their future study programmes, Josh and Scott will continue to work with us on a reduced basis so we'll still be able to benefit from their ever-increasing wealth of knowledge and experience!

19 Jul 2016: Queen's Award 2016 - Receptions and Presentations for Metricell

Last week, Metricell software developer Shane Jemmotte and product delivery manager Andy Watson visited Buckingham Palace for a special event celebrating the winners of the 2016 Queen's Awards. It was a chance for the winners to mingle with everyone from titans of industry, to Princess Eugene and the Queen herself.

For those unaware of the Queen's Awards, they are the highest official awards available for British businesses with categories including export, technological and environmental achievements. This year, Metricell won the Queen's Award for International Trade within the Enterprise category.

We're also excited to announce that the official presentation of the Queen's Award bowl will be taking place at Metricell HQ in mid-October. We look forward to welcoming the Lord Lieutenant of West Sussex to our new offices and updating you with all the news and the pictures of the occasion.

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27 Jun 2016: Metricell - Helping keep EE's 4G Network in Tune at Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival is one of the highlights of the UK's live music scene. Once a year, thousands descend on the small Somerset farm for 5 days of live music, fun, and, more often than not, pounding rain. With all that can go wrong at a live music event, EE didn't want people's access to mobile broadband to be one of them.

This year's festival was predicted to be the most connected green-field music festival in the world with EE supplying one of the most powerful temporary 4G networks ever seen at a UK event. With 135,000 ticket holders heading to the event, a massive 15 terabytes of information, (the equivalent of 63 million selfies), was expected to run through it over the course of the five days.

Working with EE's technology experience team, we supplied four Metricell Beacons to monitor service provision as well as benchmark EE's service against their competitors. Since their installation at the start of the festival, the Beacons have been monitoring data speeds, voice calls, browsing and streaming capabilities. The data fed back to Live Network can be instantly accessed by EE's engineers to help them gain fast insight into any areas of their network which may be suffering.

With the event now drawing to a close, we are proud to have helped contribute to what's been a highly commended and well-received event. Would you like to know more about Metricell Beacons? Let us know at marketing@metricell.com


26 May 2016: Metricell win Customer Service Innovation Award from Global Telecoms Business

Metricell, recent winners of the 2016 Queen's Award for International Trade, are proud to be recognised by Global Telecoms Business in the field of Consumer Service Innovation. At a black tie event in London, Metricell, joined by award partners LaRocca Solutions, saw off some stiff competition to receive the award for the transformative impact of the 'My Experience' project delivered for Telecom Italia. 
Speaking after the event, Metricell CEO, Dr. Steve Mockford, spoke of the spirit of innovation and international partnership at the heart of the success. "While our software is 100% UK built, the true potential for its success lies in how we work with partners across Europe and the rest of the world to deliver it successfully for some of the world's largest telco operators. This award is testament to the value of building these relationships with the likes of our friends at LaRocca Solutions and we hope to continue this in the years to come."
LaRocca Solutions and Metricell have formed a strong partnership in recent years thanks to their significant respective experience in the field of telecommunications and affinity with the Italian MNOs. Together they are helping Telecom Italia to harness the power of crowdsourcing to improve the network performance for their subscribers. 

21 Apr 2016: Metricell win Queen’s Award for International Trade

Metricell are proud to announce that they have been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2016 for the second time in their short history. After winning the Innovation category in 2012, primarily for their transformative impact on UK telecoms, Metricell have been busy expanding their operations overseas. The International Trade award is testament to the success of this strategy for Metricell, who now achieve 70% of their revenue internationally.
Dr Steve Mockford, Metricell CEO and multiple Queen’s Award winner, was delighted with the news: “We’ve been designing and building best-in-class software solutions for eight years now, and every line of code is written here in the UK. This Queen’s Award recognises the superb international growth we’ve achieved, which in turn comes from our international client base recognising the value that our software brings. We are now not only working with the UK operators, but also the world’s largest operating groups such as AT&T, Axiata and MTN. We’re extremely grateful for the belief they’ve shown in us.”
A key driver behind Metricell’s international success has been the decision to invest and establish local offices in each of the five regions it operates (Europe, North America, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the CIS). This enabled Metricell to have a sales and support presence in each region that could ensure the UK-developed software was meeting local-market needs. 
Commenting on the importance of having local presence, Dr Mockford added: “Our ability to trade internationally is reliant on the global network we’ve established. It means that Metricell customers are getting the personal focus they need, yet also benefit from shared international best practices in key business areas, such as Test and Measurement and Customer Experience Management. We believe this Queen’s Award will give potential new customers worldwide the confidence to join our network”.

02 Dec 2015: Celcom Sign National Benchmarking Contract

Together with our local partner, Ir-Idea, Metricell’s Kuala Lumpur Office are pleased to announce a National Benchmarking Contract with Axiata’s Malaysian Operator, Celcom. Benchmarking Tool Kits will be distributed across all Malaysian territories to carry out competitor benchmarking and quality testing at new sites using Metricell’s AutoMobile technology.

29 Oct 2015: Austria Network Performance Benchmarking Results

Metricell’s AutoMobile Benchmarking Units have been used for Austrian magazine Futurezone’s annual network performance testing, in which A1 prevailed as the leading Operator...
Metricell’s AutoMobile smart phones were chosen to achieve realistic, subscriber data collection over a two month period, with the principal aim of determining which operator had the highest average download and upload speeds. Metricell’s Sean Orrell and Eugene Kuzmenko have worked in close partnership with Jurgen Dalmus (Dalmus Commercial Agency) to deliver the project to Futurezone. 
To read the full article, click here, or for more information on Metricell's Benchmarking solution, please Get in Touch.

30 June 2015: Metricell Opens New Office in Malaysia!

With offices already thriving in the UK, USA, Russia and South Africa, Metricell is continuing to expand globally by opening up a new Office in Kuala Lumpur. The Malaysian capital has been strategically chosen to ensure the ongoing support for Celcom, a key Metricell customer and subsidiary of Axiata Group. 

The office will be headed up by Luke Alexander, who will be sharing best practices from his previous role as European Accounts Director to give Metricell a strong local presence in the region. As the new General Manager, Luke will provide sales and marketing support to our ever-growing list of partners across the Asia Pacific region, helping source new and exciting opportunities for the company. 

Quote from Luke, “Using our geospatial intelligence platform, we’re planning to capitalise on an expected wave of merging and sharing in Asia, as well as growing demand for last mile monitoring in the CEM space. We have a strong portfolio of high impact products, which add tremendous value for Operators across a range of business areas. I’m excited to be able to promote and introduce these tools to new markets in the Asia Pacific region.”

To get in touch with the Kuala Lumpur office, please email luke.alexander@metricell.com

12 Jan 2015: Metricell expands again with opening of Moscow branch

After winning some major Russian operator accounts in 2014, Metricell are delighted to begin this year by opening their Moscow office.

The new office will be led by Alexander Appanov who has been working as a Metricell partner for several years. The Russia-based team will be responsible for looking after Sales, Project Delivery and Support for the region, which includes all members of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

“This move is fantastic news for our customers”, commented Appanov. “It enables us to better respond to the requirements of this region and represents a key step in the expansion of Metricell’s global brand”.

Tom Staniland, Metricell Chief Commercial Officer, also added that “...we will hit the ground running due to the excellent team we have in place. We’re grateful for the confidence shown in us by key regional customers, and we’re recognising this by establishing a full-time market presence”.

To get in touch with the Moscow office, please see our contact page.

10 Dec 2014: World first in mobile and broadband technology trialled

A Cumbrian village [working with the operator EE] has trialled a world first in mobile and broadband technology which will provide reliable services to rural areas. The new technology works via a series of small mobile antennas and, if successful, should allow all the homes and businesses to receive a mobile phone signal and access to much faster broadband.

Metricell Business Insight team used geospatial analysis to identify locations in the UK without mobile or broadband coverage, in order to help EE select suitable participants for the trial.

Check out the story here:

2 Dec 2014: Metricell delighted to serve new customers in North America.

Metricell is delighted to announce that its technology is now in use by Tier 1 operators in both Canada and the United States. The projects utilise Metricell’s Network Customer Experience and Service Quality Monitoring software, and are being delivered from our regional headquarters in Dallas, Texas. More details to follow in the New Year.

9 Oct 2014: Tele2 Launches Companion

Tele2 have launched their MCC app to the Russian public with the initial phase being released to Chelyabinsk. Entitled “Companion” Tele2 aim to use this app to help them identify where their subscribers are experiencing problems and proactively address these issues. The app can be downloaded at the Tele2 Microsite at the following URL:http://companion.tele2.ru/

23 Sept 2014: Metricell instrumental in Austria Benchmark with AutoMobile

Futurezone, Austria’s leading technology magazine has just published their annual benchmarking report of the Austrian mobile network operators and Metricell played a pivotal role in the network testing and data collection exercise using our AutoMobile smartphone application.

The AutoMobile app which was produced by Metricell, allows any operator or regulator to check and test network coverage whilst on the move. All data collected is reported in real-time and with the variety of tests (voice calls, data speed tests and video streaming tests along with signaling measurements) actual portrayal of customer experience can be presented and analyzed.

The AutoMobile application was installed onto 6 different handsets (3 operators within 2 collection units) and was used to test the network and collect data across all of Austria’s major motorways and cities, rail routes and underground trains. The AutoMobile was chosen due to its ability to simulate subscriber usage patterns including voice calls and video streaming sessions and also because it is available on a commercial handset allowing for accurate and representative results to be drawn.

Overall A1 emerged as overall victors amassing the highest amount of points throughout the testing period. However there is still work to be done with the results from the AutoMobile indicating that the service provided along the railways needs a clinical evaluation and upgrades need to be implemented to bring it in line with the rest of the network. The report can be viewed at the following addresses (only available in German):

22 Aug 2014: Mobil launches Beta Test of their new “Coverage Checker” App

Mobil, Sweden’s leading mobile communications magazine has announced the beta test launch of their new “Coverage Checker” app. The beta test kicked off on the 20th August and will run for just over a month. 

The “Coverage Checker” app which was produced in partnership with Metricell, allows customers to check network coverage, test real-life performance and report their experience, whether it is dropped calls, no data or no service availability. Once installed, the application runs in the background continually monitoring network status and automatically reporting issues that will have a detrimental effect on the subscribers experience.

Mobil’s aim is to crowd-source network performance data by providing the app to Smartphone users across Sweden. Traditionally this is something that has been collected using drive tests and specialist equipment. The data shared with Mobil will provide them with brand new insights into the Quality of Service provided by Mobile Operators. The network quality of experience data collected will be used by Mobil to produce Sweden’s largest independent test of the country’s Mobile Operators.

22 Aug 2014: Metricell receives 2014 US Trade Award

Metricell Ltd has been selected for the Excellence Award amongst all its peers and competitors by the US Institute for Advancement of Trade & Commerce (USIATC).

Each year the USIATC conducts business surveys and industry research to identify companies that have achieved demonstrable success in their local business environment and industry category. They are recognized as having enhanced the commitment and contribution of small businesses through service to their customers and community. Small businesses of this caliber enhance the consumer driven stature that United Kingdom is renowned for.

Metricell Ltd has consistently demonstrated a high regard for upholding business ethics and company values. This recognition by USIATC marks a significant achievement as an emerging leader within various competitors and is setting benchmarks that the industry should follow.

As part of the industry research and business surveys, various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the selected companies in each category. This research is part of an exhaustive process that encapsulates a year long immersion in the British business climate.

14 Aug 2014: Tele2 Teams up with Metricell to Launch new App

Tele2 Teams up with Metricell to Launch a new Mobile Quality Monitoring Service (MQMS) App

Metricell are proud to announce that Tele2 will be utilizing our technology for their latest customer service initiative – a new mobile application which allows customers to check network coverage, test real-life performance and raise support requests. From September the Tele2 Mobile Quality Monitoring Service (MQMS) App will be available to 100,000 Tele2 subscribers in the Chelyabinsk region. (Read the full story @ http://bit.ly/Vpr25w

Anton Kopysov, Head of Service Quality at Tele2 Russia commented:

"Since the main function of the application is to improve the coverage and quality of services, we decided to launch the app in the Chelyabinsk region, one of the oldest regions of Tele2, with a well-developed network, wide coverage, a large subscriber base and high penetration of smartphones." 

"Subscribers will help us understand where we can improve our service. Customers do not need to call or write specifically to Tech Support, just install the application and be sure that it will automatically transfer the information about all the problems that it faces."

Tele2’s aim is to crowd-source their network performance data by providing an App to millions of Smartphone users. Traditionally this is something that has been collected using specialist equipment and measured in terms that only an engineer would understand. Tele2’s vision is to completely reverse this situation. Network performance will be measured and communicated in a language the subscriber understands, such as the customer’s ability to find coverage and browse the internet.

Metricell are supplying to world leading MNOs across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. However, Tele2’s MQMS is a unique initiative because it is inviting subscribers to become a ‘Tele2 Tester’ and share their network experience. The data shared with Tele2 will provide them with brand new insights into the Quality of Service provided to customers. In addition to this, by empowering subscribers as ‘Tele2 Testers’ the network is able to reduce their own costs and reinvest this money into making network improvements. 

Tom Staniland, Chief Commercial Officer at Metricell added:

“It has been a real pleasure working with such a pioneering customer. Together we have created an application which will enhance their subscriber’s experience. It is becoming increasingly important for operators to measure the full customer experience and Tele2 have really taken this on board!”

27 May 2014: Metricell receives 2013 United Kingdom Excellence Award

Metricell Ltd has been selected for the 2013 United Kingdom Excellence Award amongst all its peers and competitors by the US Trade & Commerce Institute (USTCI).

Each year the USTCI conducts business surveys and industry research to identify certain international companies that have achieved demonstrable success in their local business environment and industry category. They are recognized as having enhanced the commitment and contribution of small businesses through service to their customers and community. Companies of this calibre enhance the consumer driven stature that the United Kingdom economy is renowned for.

We have been recognised for consistently demonstrating a high regard for upholding business ethics and company values. This recognition by USTCI marks a significant achievement as an emerging leader within various competitors and is setting benchmarks that the industry should follow.

As part of the industry research and business surveys, various sources of information were gathered and analysed to choose the selected companies in each category. This research is part of an exhaustive process that encapsulates a year long immersion in the business climate of the United Kingdom economy.

11 Apr 2014: Metricell Shortlisted for Best Software Solution

Metricell are thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted for the highly regarded Mobile Industry Awards 2014 forBest Software Solution.  Being shortlisted for this award recognises our commitment to innovation and continued product development.

25 Feb 2014: Metricell open up Americas Office

Metricell are proud to announce the opening of a new office in Dallas, Texas.  The new office will be led by Marc Penesso and Khurram Chaudhry and will focus on the continued growth of our business and market share in Americas as well as the Caribbean. Our new USA office is a key step in expanding our global footprint and a welcome addition to the Metricell family of offices in the UK, Singapore, South Africa, Morocco and Australia.  

We are pleased to welcome to the team Marc Penesso, who will be CEO and Khurram Chaudhry who will be CTO of the Americas office. Marc has over 15 years of experience in Corporate Strategy, Telecom Business Development & Operations, and established European offices of LCC & AIRCOM in Italy before moving to AIRCOM USA as a key member of Senior Management.Khurram has over 10 years of experiences in RAN service delivery, telecom products engineering & sales and has worked for leading telecom brands such as T-Mobile, Nortel, AIRCOM, and Celcite in technical & management roles.  

Feel free to get in contact with our Americas team  - Marc Penesso, +1 201 970 8500 or Khurram Chaudhry, +1 972 381 4258 to arrange a free Livetime demo or to simply find out more! 

See our contact page for more information.

19 Feb 2014: Metricell appoint new Africa Managing Director

Graham Kemp has joined Metricell as the new Managing Director of the business for Sub Saharan Africa. Graham is an industry recognized expert in areas of Planning, Performance and Network Optimization. He has previously been Africa Managing Director for several mobile communications companies. Graham and his team will look after Metricell customers and projects across Sub Saharan Africa from the Metricell South Africa office in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

Graham can be contacted at africasales@metricell.com

See our contact page for more information.

18 Feb 2014: Asia Opco orders Full CEM Platform

Metricell secure major new contract with a market leading Asia opco for the supply of MCC customer apps, NETcare and NETfix. The solution is to provide the latest technology to customer support and customer experience management for commercial smartphone users to a leading operator with more than 10M subscribers. 

Dr Stephen Mockford, CEO, comments “We are extremely pleased to have been selected by this tier 1, industry leading network operator and this truly demonstrates our technology leadership in this essential technology sector."

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